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I can't draw because I am not a drawist, I am an artist therefore I art.

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midnoght, supermoon that I cant see cause where my room is, brightest night ever and sleepless · 12:02am Nov 15th, 2016

I cant sleep

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Comments ( 11 )

4302515 honestly couldnt care less about it atm, so yired but i cannot sleep :ajsleepy:

Just do what I do...

Consume a mass amount of sugar, have a sugar high, then pass out from a sugar crash! :pinkiehappy:


4302515 moons can effect people is crazy ways, i think the supermoon is causing my sleeplessness and extreme amount of energy

Ahh.... At least the tide is good today, for those who surf... Right? :twilightsheepish:


4302536 wouldnt know, live about as far from the pcean as you can get in UK

Ah, sorry to hear that...


4302543 its brighter than when i get up normally and its 00:20 am... Welp I must be insane

Not insane, just sleep-deprived... There's a difference...


4302550 i seriously cant sleep and i think i may be tempted to punch that boy at school who keeps showing off around me... I dont like inability to sleep, theres also my extreme and weird amount of energy right now, im practicaly bouncing off the walls


4302550 00:30 am, still awake and still super energetic but very tirwd. Still angry at moon...

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