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Needling Haystacks

Doctor of Physics and sometime Adjunct Professor. Warning: thinking required.

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  • 33 weeks
    New Review

    My much-belated movie review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJaIFK8aYw8

    I really gotta start writing again. Work has kept me busy lately. Did some last summer, but between editing this and doing some script/story editing for others, my creative energy has pretty much been used up.

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  • 98 weeks
    Brony Journal:Issue One

    Myself, Pineta, PsiStarPsi, and FiauraTheTankGirl have been working on this one for awhile now: A scientific-ish journal on My Little Pony! In our first issue, we have articles examining Twilight's chalk board from "It's About Time", a consideration of temporal manipulation in that and "The Cutie Remark", and a consideration on how a Pegasus could fly. Check itg out!

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  • 124 weeks
    New video up

    A much-delayed review analysis... thing of Rock Solid Friendship.


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  • 138 weeks
    The Movie (Spoilers Ahoy!)

    So I saw the movie today. Unrelated: apparently most movies are really premiering on Thursday, despite the Friday release dates, with the Thursday evening screenings labelled 'advanced screening'.

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  • 146 weeks
    Fame And Misfortune

    Immediate thoughts: There's a lot aimed at the fandom here, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Most notably the compaints about Fluttershy learning the same lesson repeatedly. Rarity's issues are also in that vein, as is the comment about Twilight being better before she got wings. Not sure about the part about Twilight staying in Canterlot: never heard that.

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To Where and Back Again Review Up · 8:36pm Nov 13th, 2016

Finally got anew video up. See the review of "To Where And Back Again" that almost one person requested! https://youtu.be/p7WxSCxhDMk

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