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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #552! · 5:34am Nov 13th, 2016

Report MythrilMoth · 414 views · #oocsst #ranma 1/2
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Tatewake and Moose have fused together to form Demon Kenduck! Together they shall bring down Ranma Saotome! I remember first watching Ranma 1/2, back in 2013, good times

4300226 It's "Tatewaki" and "Mousse", FYi ^^;; The first you can get a pass on because sometimes it's hard to know how to spell Japanese names, but the second one, you don't get a pass on because there's kind of a theme naming thing going on with the Amazons and you shoulda known better. :P

4300331 Oh right, Mousse, like the...hair product right? Still, Mousse at least can hold his head up high, is name is not as embarrassing as Panty Hose Taro...or Ryoga

After the hallucinations ended, Ranma swore he'd never eat anything from the Nekohaten again. He managed to keep the promise for almost two whole days. Genma was incredibly proud of his son's integrity.

4300226 As I recall, that's a phoenix actually, Kuno hatched one on his head to defeat Ranma.

Guy: "This isn't how you play PAC-MAN!"

4300482 You're kinda missing the point of this whole thing :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Diokno44 deleted Nov 13th, 2016

4300456 That´s probably the longest time Ranma hasn´t done something. But sadly, Genma ate from there the next day, and didn´t pay....


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