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"This was quite well written, and the characters had a very natural feeling back and forth. Shame I didn't like it at all."

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Silver Glow's Journal Dramaturge · 6:05pm Nov 12th, 2016


Right about when I suddenly introduced all the tornado pegasi and the human side of the team, it kind of occurred to me that maybe having a list of names of characters who appear in the story might be helpful to my readers.

Heck, it might be helpful to me as well.

So, I made one. It's woefully incomplete, since I only thought of it when I was 250+ chapters in . . . there are some characters I know I forgot (like all the NOAA people), and then there are some that I've probably totally forgotten about, so consider this a work in progress.

Also, it isn't in any kind of an order just yet, but I'm working on it.

Silver Glow's Journal Dramaturge
I've got 'anyone can comment' turned on, so feel free to suggest names that I may have forgotten either there, or down here. And when it gets more done, than I'll post it as its own blog post. Which, quite honestly, might not be until the end of November, or maybe even later than that.

Also, I'm playing catchup on comments now. I have legit had so many tabs open in Chrome (because FImFic only keeps read notifications for two days) that I've crashed Chrome twice, and occasionally get 'out of memory' errors.


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Comments ( 17 )

Looks like you just need to go through every chapter, one by one, and look for new comments.

That takes way longer than you'd think, unfortunately. I'm catching up on those when I can--when someone else comments on that chapter.

So, done with the dramaturgy for today :)


wow, that's a lot of tabs

Bookmarks! Bookmark everything!

Not sure how I should feel, now that I know every comment I make has a chance of crashing Admiral's web browser. :moustache:

I think at one point I had more than sixty open. The computer didn't like that.


Not sure how I should feel, now that I know every comment I make has a chance of crashing Admiral's web browser.

It's not so bad when I'm caught up, but when I'm behind it becomes an issue.

I refuse to apologize.


4299378 yeah, and chrome isn't exactly efficient.

You've got a lot of fans of this story: I'm sure we could each sift through a couple or more chapters for you, citing who's who in what chapter.

In Chrome: Menu / Bookmarks / Bookmark Open Pages... , Bookmark Open Tabs to a new folder name of your choosing. You can re-open all of the tabs in that folder at once, but they all load in Chrome.

Chrome sucks for handling tabs, which is why I usually use Firefox with TabMix Plus and Session Manager. You can re-open all of the tabs in a session at once, but can also force it to load a single tab, and you can click on another when you're ready.

that I've crashed Chrome twice

Well, there's your problem right there. It's says Ford Chrome on it.

Didn't Silver make a list of friends in an early chapter and say she left space to add to it?

She did, although if I listed everyone there it would be sort of unmanageable (and probably not the kind of thing you'd put in a journal anyway).

Lack of apology accepted. :heart:

Question: Are you going to attempt to go through all 4 years of college for her, or only her first year?

Just this year, her year on Earth.

you should probably add this to the story's description?

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