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Age Rating · 5:56pm Nov 11th, 2016

Do you guys want CoA to remain in the Teen rating, or should I make it more realistic and set it to mature, with more mature content in the story?

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FUck does ponies up gore fest!:pinkiehappy:

I prefer teen rating. Mature usually implies NSFW (which I despise) for me, and maybe a few other things too.

Oh, and may I ask why I can't see the CoA group yet?

personally i would like it to stay teen, thought you should decide for yourself.

4297490 The group will be released when CoA is published, not when it's approved.

Though, I actually didn't know everyone could see it. :applejackconfused:

4297491 I'm thinking I'll stick with what I have (which is teen), but I'm just not too sure

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