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Welcome, i dabble in a bit of everything, as long as i get to flex some creative muscle i think i can write it.

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I'm back again. · 1:33am Nov 10th, 2016

Internets up and we are almost moved in, here's my Pony writing schedule

-Halloween story is being edited
-chapters Two and three of No Mere Human are almost ready, also being edited.
-chapter 3 and 4 of finding my muse being edited, considering rewrite, dependant on mood.
ALSO. I plan on showing a bit of art off, I'm not the sharpest pencil, but I came here for confidence in creativity and I am getting no where if I don't. My question is must it be pony related? Still skeptical of my abilities, but my feed back says nothing offers positivity and helpful tips,
. Till I'm on next time, see y'all.

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Funny guy!
Here another good eminent song if y'all ain't heard it

4294441 sadly, the link doesn't work. what was the title?

Role model by eminent!

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