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    It seems many people have enjoyed laughing at Luna's boner, and given the suggestions from the comments, I've decided to write one more chapter of Luna having a gay olde time. Only one though, I can't see this concept being funny forever.

    What shenanigans will a gay feeling Luna get up to? Will her actions give rise to more boners? We shall see.

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    'Ello all, Caboose here.

    Ominous title isn't it? Well don't worry, I have only good things to say.

    Pretty soon I will have finished university. No more 10,000 essays or 3 hour exams for me. When that is done you can expect The Undesirables to be back with a vengeance, if sporadically scheduled.

    That's not the future part though.

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Political Blog · 7:20pm Nov 9th, 2016

Oh wait I'm English and don't really care.

All I need to say though, good job America for preventing global thermonuclear war!

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So, whose gonna get the Crown once Elizabeth II kicks the bucket? I mean, she´s said Charles will never get it, and she believes William and Kate don´t have enough experience, etc

I can't wait until the Embargo lifts and I can go to Cuba with my family. See the Home of my ancestors. Then my books will sell automatically well because Cuban = Expensive Art. If Earnest Hemway can cement himself in history with a book about a guy trying to catch one fucking fish, I think I can make good with some originality and good old Science Fiction.

Hey could I come over and hang out with you until America gets a president that I like?

Thanks, Britain. We couldn't have done it without you showing us how! :flutterrage:

Seriously though, We'll see how things pan out next year... for both countries. :yay:


On behalf of Americans, I apologize.

4293304 Maybe some other family?

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