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Author's Notes for 4 a.m. · 6:26am Nov 9th, 2016

Hello and thank you for reading this little story. I never expected to write a followup to Lows & Highs, but then a lot of impossible things have happened lately, none of them good. Here are my quick thoughts on RVSS@4.

First off, when I first envisioned this story, it was supposed to be a comedy. But by the time I actually started writing it a couple weeks ago, I was too depressed to come up with anything even remotely humorous. But at the same time, I didn't want to do another heavy story on the level of L&H. There were several times I had to delete paragraphs and start over because either Rarity accidentally said something that sent Sunset into a depressive episode, or Sunset did it to herself, and I had to dial it back.

That line break halfway through the story was where it originally ended. That's just past the 1500 word mark, and I seriously considered stopping it there, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to tell, and I didn't want to do a second chapter. So I kept going. I think the end was a nice "d'aww" moment.

So, that's all I can think of on this one. Bye for now.

Comments ( 6 )

Well I for one found your story very well written well thought out and well made I am very much looking forward to seeing if Sunset will return to school. Stories like this one really should become a TV showing either in movie format or just episodes in their own right. You did a wonderful job on this wonderful work of art. :twilightsmile:

4291575 - She probably will. Recovery is a slow process, and she hit rock bottom just a couple days earlier. Honestly, the fact that she picked up the phone and called someone is a big step forward.

Comment posted by Slash the assassin deleted Nov 9th, 2016

I seem to sense a little romance between them.

Sooooo er has Luna and celestia in a sense let her stay despite enough stuff to warrant her being kicked out the school because she's the one that barley keeps the school afloat half the time because now Im kinda in a I wanna see that conversation mood now lol sorry

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