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    MintyCandy illustrated Twilight’s blueberry(ish) inflation bit from chapter 3. Check it out at:
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    Public service announcement

    If you’re looking for a more active community for pony inflation, may I recommend 4chan’s Pony Inflation Thread? We have:

    • chatting and brainstorming
    • sharing art that’s too hot for Fimfic
    • occasional news about, and links to, pony inflation stories from elsewhere on the internet

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    Art Alart

    Hooray, more Evil Expandtress fanart to enjoy. First off, MintyCandy (the same fine fellow who drew the story’s cover art) illustrated the scene of Zecora, wearing a dragon costume, filling up with smoke. Check it out at http://www.furaffinity.net/ #23786380 or at https://derpibooru.org/ #1457718.

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    Fan art

    Thefurryrailfan drew a really nice picture based on Pinkie's scene from Evil Expandtress. Check it out:
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    Ignore this.

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Topical! · 1:33am Nov 9th, 2016

The unicorn mare hummed to herself as she checked and double-checked her ballot. Her personal information and signature were perfectly legible; every vote was clear and unmistakeable. For every category, she had chosen the right candidate. Surely, hers was the vote that would turn the tide of the election, and an begin the era of truth and justice in Equestria’s Precinct #7128!

She folded up her paper ballot, walked to the end of the voting table, and shoved her ballot down the throat of the dark blue pegasus mare sitting at the end.

“Ulpphh!” The pegasus gagged a bit, but ultimately swallowed the paper. “Ughhhh...”

An earth stallion with an Election Overseer cap trotted over to her side. “Heya, Swing. How you holding up?”

“Soooo fulllll...” Swing Vote massaged her belly, swollen with all the ballots she had already choked down. The gut bulged forward, spilling a few inches off the front of her chair, and squishing against the inside of her haunches. She could barely reach her forelegs around her stomach.

“Yeah, real raw deal you got there, Swing.” The stallion patted her shoulder sympathetically. “What with all the other ballot box ponies no-showing. And then us getting unprecedented voter turnout numbers.”

Two more ponies trotted up and rammed their ballots into Swing’s mouth. As she swallowed them, she could feel her stomach swell another inch.

“I just want you to know,” the Overseer stallion continued, “you’re a real hero, Swing! It’s hard-working ballot box ponies like you who make democracy possible.”

Swing glanced at the clock. “It’s almost over, right? Just a few more hours...”

“Yeah, but a whole lotta ponies are getting off work right now. Most elections, we get more voters in the last few hours than in the entire rest of the day.”


Hooves could be heard, a low rumble that slowly grew louder as a great throng of ponies approached the voting center. The first bunch streamed through the door, and Swing’s eyes widened at the sight.

“And here they come now!” The Overseer patted Swing’s shoulder one last time. “Keep up the good work!”

Swing Vote whimpered, then opened her mouth to accept another ballot. “The things I do for democracy...”

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