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  • 440 weeks
    I wrote a novella!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry my stories have kinda fallen by the wayside in the wake of starting a fan-radioplay group and such. BUT I have good news All Aboard, Traveler and (Hopefully) Gia may be completed by the end of the year (Traveler is a certainty in that regard) . So stay tuned!

    In the mean time if you liked Gun With Occasional Pony I kinda sorta turned the idea into an original Novella!

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    Ms.Button's Boarding House

    Huh, I noticed in a lot of the comments (Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment by the way) on the recent chapters of The Life and Times of Forelle, that readers have rather fallen in love with the boarding house described in that story. Well I thought you all might like this little drawing done by Mr.Grim of his interpretation of what it looks like.

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    Life and Times of Forrel Editor?

    Hola guys!

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    WHAT!? Activity from Squeak!?

    I know...I'm scared too...

    In anycase, I've uploaded a short story recently that's a one off that I had written to be turned into a storybook by my little fan production studio Ponyinabox, AND I updated the Life and Times of Forelle, so this is a productive week!

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  • 524 weeks
    Welllll I know I havent' updated anything in about a month....

    But I'm working on it!

    In the mean time (And I promise it won't be a long mean time) I have a pleasant surprise for All Aboard fans! My little production series is turning it into a fully illustrated mini-series!

    Give it a look, the art can be a bit strange to some people, but it's a very strange story and I personally love it! So please give it a chance:

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Well, Traveler Update's up · 8:07am Sep 19th, 2012

Thanks for being patient, now feel free to, as my friend Jamjar would put it, "Take the everloving piss out of me" now.

Be gentle

Though I am really sorry about the wait, and there will not be another hiatus of THAT length between this and the finale. In then mean time if you'd like to keep up on the current state of my affairs, or nag me with questions, feel free to do so on my personal tumblr. I'll answer most non-personal non-spoiler-y questions.

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\(o0o)/ woot! traveler updated

Yay, an update. :yay:

I can't say how relieved and glad to see this story got updated :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile:
I really think this is THE story I prefer of all the whole fimfiction.net. Good job Squeak-Anon.

I feel like I have to read it from the start again it's been so long.

(To be read in Pinkie Pie's voice (hence the massive run-on sentence):)
I am so excited about this that when I saw the title of this blog post in my notifications, I headed straight to the stories and read the chapter, and I was like Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush, just :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: all over the place, but then I decided I would help you by doing some proofreading, and now I feel like a mean meanie pants for pointing out all those little bitty problems, and I'm really super sorry can you ever forgive me?

*pant* *pant* *pant*

How the hell does Andrea Libman pull that off without collapsing?

ICSRGSNJGCW($C#*WHA#$&QC#%YWHXA!!!!! TRAVELER UPDATED!!!!! between this and the "Mines of Dragon Mountain" i have Doctor who related nerdgasms when either are mentioned.

This is BRILLIANT! Fantastic! Squeak has started updating now: Updates are cool! Other Doctor Who references!
Good to have you back, Squeak!

Awesome. This is one of the first FIM fanfics I ever read, and helped convince me that, yes, fanfic can not only be good, but great. Something I never thought I would say. Looking forward to reading the chapter.

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