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I am the guy stocking shelves at Publix and the same man giving you the classic Luigi death glare when you ask me to go look in the back for your Cheerios.

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  • 14 weeks
    im writing a new hie story

    it's called another hie story. it's a comedy :trollestia: and a rewrite of speak from the heart. it's different but so similar. and unlike that pleb, I WILL ACTUALLY FINISH IT!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: should be up by Friday:rainbowkiss:!

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  • 22 weeks
    Need to vent

    Caught in an auto protection program and feel stuck. Very stressful. Fml

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  • 22 weeks
    Need to vent

    Caught in an auto protection program and feel stuck. Very stressful. Fml

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  • 34 weeks
    My sotry for pride month

    Rarity goes into our world and shrek and doctor phil, a gay married couple take rarity in and try to get her back home. It will be a cuddle fluff story with sec between the cute couple as well. It will be a comedy. Im so creative:trollestia:!

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  • 41 weeks

    Be sure to get drunk and start fights in the name of easter tradition. Oh and eat yourselves to death you fat bastards!

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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!! · 5:58pm Nov 7th, 2016

I WANT TO BANG SOME GIRL IN HER BABY HOLE I'M SO HAPPY!!! Now the description says politics so fine, confession time. I voted for Hillary, I regret it and wish I vote for Trump. I am really hoping Trump wins because he sounds like the better president, I also thought about a lot of things. School shouldn't be free, maybe cheaper, but not free, look at our schools now that they're free, they hardly have any money at all. In my high school there were about roughly 2000 students, if each one paid 50 dollars a month the school would be perfectly fine. Its budget would be amazing and the football team and other sports would be able to be supported better by the school, along with other after school activities. Mexicans are invading our country and people are getting pissed because Trump dislikes nasty girls. I hate nasty girls. HEY ME AND TRUMP HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON! Hillary will do nothing about the Mexicans that are here illegally, yet my parents voted for her. It was conflicting because I honestly don't know who is better for the country, THEY BOTH SUCK!!! I guess I just hope that I chose the right one.

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