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    I just have one question.

    When are the Grinded Pony Hooves coming out?

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    As someone who played Destiny 1.0 like mad for two months in an effort to feel like I had recouped the $60 I spent, I'm feeling rather nostalgic for the time that everyone just defaulted to blaming Activision for all of Destiny's problems.

    Anyone else?

    Because goddamn has Bungie got a fucking hard-on for sunsetting and vaulting paid content.

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  • Tuesday
    Just beat Terminator Resistance.

    Well, when I haven't been writing or working, I've been slowly making my way through Terminator Resistance, after hearing too many good things.

    IGN scored it a 4/10, while Steam users have it currently rated at a 92/100. That's quite the disparity.

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    Guys I made a meme! Hey wait a minute...

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    Full-size version.

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Thank You! · 12:50pm Nov 6th, 2016

I find myself very fortunate that I spent very, very little of my childhood in hospitals.

I've spent the past several years watching annual game-streaming charities like Extra Life, Child's Play, and the semi-annual Games Done Quick. This is the first year that I decided to participate, and I'm very thrilled to say we did a bit better than we initially thought we would.

We did not go the entire 25 hours. Only the biggest, most popular streamers get an audience during late night hours. I was trying to let one of my "cheerleaders" try out Doom live, but my broadcaster wasn't letting my PC games boot, and I figured it was a good choice to let my in-person audience play off-stream than continue to most likely play for no one for the remainder of the night.

With a total of seven donations, Brady and I raised $379. The majority of that was days and weeks before the marathon. So I'd like to thank our family and friends for giving us that running start.

Though fun, we didn't attract a lot of attention, I would have to guess because of the blog posts going up so early on a Saturday morning. At the peak, I got three concurrent viewers at the same time for about five minutes. Both Brady and I got about nine hours of playtime each. And all that money goes straight to Riley as unrestricted funds.

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I would have watched, but I had work all day. Great job though!

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