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Hi, I'm AlienVsUnicorn (AVU) Lost to space and time... but at least I have cable. Anyway... Come for the sex, stay for the monsters. Cause Sex + Monsters = 20% Cooler.

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How do u even write bro..? · 11:48pm Nov 5th, 2016

I love writing. But I also love drawing, and running, and sitting on the couch watching youtube, and dancing around my house to music... and a billion other things that have nothing to do with writing.

It seems like sometimes the "writing zone" is almost impossible for me to break into. Like I can write a good solid page of work, and ill be like "Good job bro. That's a full page of good writing right there. Now write 6 more..." And I just close my laptop and give up. Ugh! I wish writing was easier for me, but the truth is I have a distracting personality. I see shiny things, and I chase them. Period. Simple. Unfortunately that includes anything that will save me from the minimalist amount of writers block.


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