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Updated Illustration for "The Iron Horse" - Pinkie Teaches Turing Test · 4:22pm Nov 5th, 2016

Hey folks, just letting you know that Greenfinger has completed another illustration from an earlier chapter, this one from Part 2 the Pinkie Pie arc! Here we see Pinkie teaching Turing Test about the fine art of the pratfall... specifically, how to slip on a banana peel.

As usual, Turing's not getting it. :facehoof:

New chapter is coming in a few days. See you soon!

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Comments ( 2 )

"So I step on the discarded banana peel?"


"Flail around while falling down?"


"The more flailing and the louder noise on impact, the better?"

"Up to a point. If other ponies think you're hurt, it won't be funny."

"And if I step on the peel intentionally..."

"It won't be funny either."

"But my object avoidance subroutine automatically checks my path for obstacles which could cause inadvertent stumbles or falls, and my gyroscopic stabilization precludes any 'flailing' during a stability recovery procedure."

"Oh. We'll work on it."

4286271 That's a pretty good alternate version of that scene! :rainbowlaugh:

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