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I'm a brony that loves FIM, hoping to publish a few books someday so hope you enjoy my ever improving writting. ^^ If you would like to support me https://www.patreon.com/Codyhiggins?ty=h

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  • 247 weeks
    Update On Mom #6

    Mom went to the doctor today to get her leg checked out. It's been hurting her and was tending to swell up. Turns out it's due to an infection. She was given antibiotics but was told that if it's not better by Wednesday to go back. If she does she'll be kept for 10-12 days on an IV.

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  • 249 weeks
    Update On Mom #5

    Well, so much for eating food being a good thing. Her doctor said that the food hadn't been progressing and is just sitting there in her belly, so she has to go back to liquids only. Which she's reluctant on. Also, lately she's been....well, she's having trouble to keep her balance.

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  • 253 weeks
    Thoughts On S8 Opener

    Prof.Fluttershy, why do I want that name in the next Pokemon game? Anyways I just saw Applegeek's let watch of the opener to season 8 and while I still have a tiny bit of a virus, feeling OK enough to write. This opener was........................well, different. I heard some weren't impressed by it, I can see that as in all honesty I'm not entirely sure how a school arc would go.

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  • 258 weeks
    I hate to ask, but I need help

    Hey guys. I kinda don't want to write this but it's very important. My mom's pancreas is very weak, "wiped out" as her doctor said. And if we can't get it up and running, she'll die...and my brother is expecting a baby in a few months so we need to help and keep our mom alive.

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  • 313 weeks
    Game Updated!

    Play the current alpha here. ^^


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R.I.P Barney · 5:52pm Nov 3rd, 2016

Yesterday our vet told us that our oldest dog, Barney, age 9 (70 in dog years) had belly cancer. We really didn't want to put him to asleep, but he was so skinny and wouldn't eat...we had to do what was best for him, God its so hard...so hard, it hurts so much, but at least we know he's not suffering anymore.

He's up there in Heaven, happy and healthy, with past family and pets, we love you with all our hearts Barney. We love you so much...rest in peace, and have fun up there while we wait to join you. Love you so much Barney, we love you so much.

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