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  • 277 weeks
    Memories of the fallen.

    Nathan again, I just wanted to make a quick blog update for anyone who might want to give their best wishes. It has come to my attention that there will be a memorial service for Loyal held on the 19th of August. I'm making this post so that anyone who maybe happened to enjoy Loyals work has a chance to pay proper respect.

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  • 278 weeks
    We will remember him.

    Hi everyone, my name's Nathan and I come today to bring some somber and tragic news. The reason Loyal isn't here giving you the news is because he sadly is the news. Loyal and I would have been best friends for 5 years this fall, but I am so very sorry to have to inform everyone that Jordan Williams appears to have taken his own life last night.

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  • 299 weeks
    Fallout: Saddle Arabia Compendium, Vol. 1

    Stable Alpha


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    There was a Tumblr post some time ago that mused on tattoos, how everyone was born with their own, and they were unique to that particular person. It went on to detail how, when one tattoo bearer fell in love with another, their native tattoos would appear on the partner's body. And would remain, even after heartbreak. Some people would be littered with the marks, and others would go their entire

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  • 304 weeks
    Fallout: Saddle Arabia is LIVE!

    That's right, folks, the first (two) chapter(s) of Fallout: Saddle Arabia are published! This marks the first time I've stepped into the Fallout: Equestria fandom, after many years of reading the stories and playing the games.

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A thing I don't know has been done before. · 11:55am Nov 2nd, 2016

So I wrote a thing. I'm unsure if it's been done before (friends and acquaintances say it hasn't) so I'm wondering if I'm the pioneer on this front...

Nevertheless, here's a thing I wrote lately. Feedback and criticism is welcome.

And, as a formality, please refrain from using the 'suggestion' feature in gdocs. It makes the document very difficult to read for others. Comments are fine; but please don't use that feature.

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*Scribbles all over the document because she's a horrible person.*


It's bad and you should feel bad.

Pretty interested.

Hmm, I like the premise. It would be neat to see a equestrian vassle state. Especially if bit of the colonial equestrian government still manage to control and operate independently like the British colonial stayes... likely with interestingly tangled relationships between the natives and the equestrans

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