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All Hallow's Eve · 11:33pm Oct 31st, 2016

Why yes, that is a Magic card. Legends was weird.

In any case, Happy Halloween. I am currently waiting by the door, big ol' bowl of Starburst ready and waiting for all who come. They appear to be moving in swarms, save for one fourteen-year old who is clearly just in this for free candy. He didn't even have a costume. At least one girl who was escorting her brother bothered to do some Frankenstein stitches in black makeup...

Also, a considerable chunk of my neighborhood appears to be giving out snack bags from Frito-Lay assortments. I am disturbed and appalled.

To those of you currently collecting your sweet (and possibly savory) tithes, enjoy and be safe. To my fellow distributors of Halloween cheer, may you feast heartily on the remainder.

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Comments ( 4 )

Thanks for that card link. It was an enjoyable wonder analyzing how the hell that card works on current rules, and that suspend is that old.

You mean Legends was awesome.

Also, speaking of Legends, given that we are horribly strapped for cash, I recently decided to sell a lot of cards. I was happy to note that Liliana of the Veil is worth $90+, but saddened to note that the Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale I sold for $300 many years ago would now go for $1600. Oh well. Dat's opportunity cost for ya.

I miss caramel apples...

As much as living in the woods is awesome most times, it makes for rather lonely Halloweens. And terrifying in windstorms.

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