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  • 66 weeks
    Guess who's back?


    No wait, that's wrong, it's actually me.

    If you can tell, I've been away for a while, but not totally gone. I've kept up with some of the scoot and poots, and read alot. Now I'm back after what feels like a two year vacation, and I'm wrapping up a chapter for one of my stories.

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    4 comments · 111 views
  • 139 weeks
    Story Update Times

    For those of you who care - not likely to be many, who knows,

    I haven't been able to write, because of listed reasons:


    Currently, life and I are wrangling each other in the octagon and the opposer is winning the crowd. I'm working on this.

    Thanks for being patient!

    1 comments · 158 views
  • 154 weeks
    Still Alive! ...Unfortunately

    Sorry about the "long silence" for those of you who care. I've been in and out of internet dwelling, and I'm still trying to come back. Just got out of the hospital, treated because one of my injuries got infected - (technically, it was the doctor's fault) - and I should be back in the swing of things come July.

    But here's the kicker - My tablet broke.

    1 comments · 162 views
  • 167 weeks
    New Criteria!

    Alright, so, I've been out for a few weeks, lying around, kicking the dust, and finally, I've hit another string that might be worth the time! So I've been working hard (One handed typing is a pain in the tush), and I have two new chapters coming out.

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  • 171 weeks
    Recent outages, Maintenance updates

    That's what it feels like. The analogy, is gaming and the set up is a server.

    So take the server, for instance, and pretend you are playing on it. Time, is the server, and from moment to moment it goes down! Not necessarily saying it stops, but it is put on hold for the soft spot it grasps.

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Happy Halloween! · 6:40pm Oct 31st, 2016

As the title suggests, and for those who are seeing this,

Happy Halloween.

Its a great time of the year to put on a costume and steal goodies from strangers. I use steal very lightly as per the strangers willingly give you candied goodness.

Anyways, hope everybody 'as a gud Halloween night.

Report Doood · 111 views · #Halloween? #Again?
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