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    DMC 5's Devil Trigger Song Goes With Everything

    I love DMC.

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    New Schdule Changes For Writing

    I know I provide and updated thing for my writing awhile ago, but due to changes in my work schedule I'm going to have to change things again. I currently am back to working with Target again while waiting for another contract or a full time position in the gaming industry to open up. If anybody knows retail work, the hours can be at any time from early morning to late at night and since I live

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    Update on Things

    Time for a quick update. I was going to work on the Tyrant story, but seeing the trailer gave me the inspiration for random comedy Two Shot that I am working on right now. After I finish that I'll be working on Path of the Tyrant, followed by an update for Growing Fire In My Heart.

    I'm also getting a cover art for both Path of the Dragon and Path of the Tyrant done as we speak.

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    Interviewed by The B-Team at 3PM Link

    Once again I'll be interviewed by the B-Team at 3PM Eastern time for an hour. You can see it on their twitch stream


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    Interviewed By The B-Team

    The B-Team Podcast will be doing a 24 hours interview on Saturday with one hour dedicated to a different writer. I am number 4 on the list so you'll be expecting to hear me around 3 - 4 PM (EST). You can check it out when it goes live on their youtube channel here:

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Comics: Adapting To Night and The Omen Filly (This Year's Halloween Comic) · 11:21am Oct 29th, 2016

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Comments ( 10 )

I knew it! Of course it was flurry heart, who else could it of been.

I wonder what's her end goal, world domination? Of course!

Author Interviewer

I am okay with this Flurry Heart. :B

4276104 Well, with no Cadence and no Shining Armor, who's left to run the Crystal Empire?
And let's face it, those eyes practically screamed "Kill 'em all!" when we first saw them.

4276181 the second she was born flurry tried that didn't she, it was only cartoon physics that saved them all.

You really hate that baby do you?

4276212 Ahh...to live in a world where supervillains stand still and wait to be dealt with.
4276315 Nah. We just love pretending that excessively cute things are secretly hell-bent on enslaving and/or killing us all. Except Fluffle Puff. Fluffle Puff is innocent, without question.

4276451 that's what separate hero's from villains in that world, hero's dodge and villains stand stand still with a dopey look on their face while they take the hits.

Fluffle Puff may not be evil but she is just as far from innocent as if she was.
Do you not remember the pillow love dungeon? Chrysalis remembers the pillow love dungeon, she can never forget it.

4276834 1-Chrysalis has yet to complain about said dungeon. Just sayin'.
2-Not even taking the hits! Chrysalis was happily staring out a window while everybody behind was charging the one attack that could defeat her and her army.
And how about Sombra. Cadence grabs the heart, brings it down to the crystal ponies, has time to give them a short motivational speech...and this whole time I can just picture Sombra standing on top of his crystal thing staring down at them like "Whoa...dude...what's going on down there?"
Honestly, final fights in cartoons are equivalent to standing there while your opponent calmly loads six rounds into a revolver, pulls the hanmer, approaches you, shakes your hand, places the barrel against your forehead, and only then do you realize that he intends to kill you.
I love MLP.

4277011 well of course chrysalis hasn't complained about the love dungeon, fluffle puff is basically make all the love she could ever need to rule the world, with excess.
And the pillow love dungeon to chrysalis is pretty much like standing in an active reactor core and not dying.

I hope one day that while some hero is doing that not paying attention to the villain just does what he needs to do to win.
Maybe annex the city or raze it, possibly actually getting around to killing that hostage they said they'd kill if the hero(s) tried anything.
I mean come on a petty victory is still a victory.

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