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    Since I don't post much on this blog and I usually only use it to show off some videos I found on Youtube or just announce my latest story updates, I decided put to a better use and show off my toys, books and other stuff I lying around. I'll show off some of the pony stuff I collected over the years.

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    Just letting you guys now that the tenth chapter of The Big Man is finished. It just needs to be ironed out and checked for errors, so stay tuned for the next update.

    Also, I decided to make a one-shot Spin Off of When I Say Goodbye called Letting Love Go, with Applebloom being the central character. Stay tuned for that, too.

    Peace out!!

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    After this, I'm going to see what I can do with The Big Man.

    Peace out and goodnight everybody.

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Blog Post #37-28102016: When I Say Good Bye - A Spike x Harem Idea · 6:39pm Oct 28th, 2016

This is actually a modification of another fanfic idea I had called Spike Comes Home.

When I Say Good-Bye…
A Humanized Fic by Duke Moon
Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Rated L for Lemon
All Characters are 18 years or older.


Spike Drake is in his final year in high school and he wants to make the most of it. Feeling that his future culinary studies will dominate his time, Spike feels that he needs to spend more time with the people that have meant the most to him…specifically, with the women that have shaped him into the man he has become. Spike will do anything in his power to make his final year in Ponyville the best year of his young life.


Spike Drake – A fourth year student at Canterlot High School, Spike Drake has decided that his future lies in the culinary world. He spends most of his time reading cook books, watching cooking shows and making his own culinary delights in order to test his limits, often at the cost of his other high school studies.

Though Spike has a good heart, the aspiring chef is still human as he gets carried away by his base instincts, usually with the women that have shaped his life.

Twilight Sparkle – A science teacher at CHS, Twilight Sparkle is also Spike’s homeroom teacher. As a teacher, Twilight takes her job seriously and doesn’t take any laziness in her class well. When she’s not teaching, Twilight usually confines herself to the school lab for private experiments.

Twilight has always seen Spike as a little brother, but now that he has grown up, she wants to see how much he has truly grown.

Iris “Rainbow” Dash – The CHS Wondercolts’ soccer coach and gym teacher, Rainbow Dash is very passionate about physical education. The fact that Rainbow runs her students ragged to the point of exhaustion has earned her the reputation of being a slave driver. She’s also Spike’s P.E. instructor and the last teacher the young Drake sees at the end of the day.

Rainbow had always paid more attention to Spike than any other of her students, mostly because she wants him to take his P.E. education seriously and because she has grown quite fond of him.

Luna Heavenstone – Vice Principal at CHS, Luna Heavenstone is also an unofficial school counselor. Since her arrival at CHS, Luna has become very popular with the male students, often receiving love letters everyday. Still, Luna has proven to be a fine educator and leader, often rivaling her sister, Celestia in that respect.

Luna has also counseled Spike personally since she became a fan of his cooking. She was also the first woman to take Spike’s virginity.

Jacqueline Apple – Head of the Apple Farm, Jacqueline Apple is a hard working farm woman who takes honesty seriously. She takes pride in her farm and the apple business and maintains that her product is the best in the land. Jacqueline, or Applejack as her friends and family call her, is usually barking orders to the workers while toiling at the field herself.

Being head of the Apple Farm has made Applejack into a workaholic, which worries her family and employees. She does take comfort that Spike is one of her closest friends who works part time at the farm.

Bloomingdale Apple – Applejack’s little sister, Bloomingdale, or Applebloom, is a fourth year student at the same high school Spike attends. She aspires to be a life coach and, along with her Crusader friends, wants to help people find their way in life. In fact, she was the one who directed Spike to the culinary world.

Though she doesn’t want to admit it, Applebloom has long had a crush on Spike and hates the fact that older women hold his attention.

Pinkamena Diane Pie – Pinkamena, or Pinkie Pie, is owner of Sugarcube Corner, a pastry shop in downtown Ponyville. She’s very friendly and outgoing, often looking for any excuse to have a party. She’s also Ponyville’s designated party planner, often coordinating big events and festivals around town.

Pinkie is also Spike’s personal tutor when it comes to cooking, though she often teases him about his base desires.

Marilyn Flutters – Marilyn Flutters, or Fluttershy, is the owner of Shepherd’s Pet Store, named after her later husband. A single mother, Marilyn, or Fluttershy, has devoted her life to her store and her baby son, Angel. Still, outside of her circle of friends, Fluttershy has never been very sociable and can be shy around new faces.

Fluttershy was also Spike’s babysitter and has been very proud at the man she once looked after. Spike often helps Fluttershy at the pet store when he’s needed.

Rarity Wayne – A small town girl with a taste for high fashion, Rarity Wayne is the owner of the Carousel Boutique, a shop where the fashionista custom makes suits and dresses per the customer’s taste. She would often wear her own creations at fashion shows, which will often work as a dealmaker for many customers.

Rarity can also be a bit of a drama queen, often fainting whenever things take a turn for the worse. She would also enlist Spike’s help in modeling suits and other things for men, often to his chagrin.

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Omg Applebloom will have one of the main roles in a humanized MLP spike story? AND she has a crush on him?! I can't wait for this, Spikebloom is one of my favorite ships. Next to Scootaspike and just before Spikebelle.

Love the profiles of everyone here. I'll definitely read this

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