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I won't be quiting, cause I overreacted. · 5:46pm Oct 26th, 2016

So hey there my loyal and dedicated fans.

After giving it much thought and a few supportive words sought from others, and the kind words of some of my most closest friends I decided not to quit writing after all. I was having a bad day and something caught me off guard and I completely overreacted to it and took it a little too personally. The misunderstanding was cleared up with said individual so no backlash at this person please. I will be taking a few days off after which I will update as many things promptly, cause I just like doing that.

Until then I shall seek help in the form of my Ponystation 4 and go slaughter some prey in Bloodbourne. :pinkiecrazy: (Yandere Pinkie is best Pinkie)........

However I am canceling for good Mur 991 cause I lost my mojo for that one. So sorry for anyone who reads that one. Instead I will go back to Legend of the Sirens and Firekeeper to start and eventually Student of Friendship. To my remaining fans who didn't abandon ship when I did sorry for all this crazy talk, I just needed to consult with a few individuals who gave me a quick slap to the face and now I'm mostly back to my rainbows and sunshine self.:scootangel:

So, until then I will see you all later! Stay creative, read, rate, love and tolerate one another!

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First of, it is nice to hear and I wish you a nice break. I still try to read that one story and judge it for myself, but I get the feeling I want to much at the moment. While I don't have a project for myself, I want to read, play, learn, watch (videos) and meet to many people at once.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I don't know what to buy with my money. I don't get really much, but at the moment a PS4 still looks pretty expensive and the camera and VR stuff you can take nearly cost the same amount of money as far as I know.
(if some nice "choice making games or whatever are coming out, I'm probably pretty interessted in that too.) It is a bit weird that a suppoting part of the consol seems to cost nearly the same amount of money, even if it probably costs them a lot of money too.

I don't get that much at the moment, I have to ....learn my kind of work (what's the word again? I have to go to school and work again at the moment) Well...this is my second job right now, that I wanted to learn I mean, and the way I do it I don't earn much money at the moment. However the good thing is, even without a place to work it won't stop as long as I find another place to work at.
School happens anyway. (It is called BaE for short in German). Sorry I'm tired and don't exactly care how stupid it probably sounds.

You can write it to me as an PM if you want, but do you read normal books too?, or what kind of consols do you have? (PS4..Xbos, 3DS or whatever) I just want to see if I can talk about something with you it will help to improve my english too I guess.

I have both X-box one, and PS4. What kind of things do you like? I like military stuff and technology mostly. And obviously ponies.

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