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I've drawn so much I forgot how to write lmao

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CoA Progress Report · 4:39am Oct 26th, 2016

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so silent over the progress of the new story, and I thought I would give you all the good news and hope that I haven't given up on this thing!

Firstly, Course of Action's basic plot and backstory has been developed enough to actually start writing the actual chapters! Hooray!! :pinkiehappy:

Secondly, my team of hard working editors has now grown! I'm actually able to talk to this editor face-to-face, since he literally attends the same school as I do, and he's helped me sort out most of the nooks and crannies of the story!

My goal for CoA is to get it's first two chapters written and published before the end of November, which I have made progress on over the past few months (just so I could see how I will write it).

I want to thank you guys for supporting me and all of my friends working with me! I wanted to make a story a lot of people can enjoy, and I'm glad it's worked out so well for me! I'm truly lucky to have people like you to help me out and encourage me to keep going when it gets tough.

Thank you all so much!! It really does help me out!

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Ok, but please don't do the same mistakes as Blitz, eapecially the names of characters.

Btw, you're one of the only 2 users I know on this site who use their same names and profile pics for Youtube.

Listened to that Battlefield 1 music? Good choice.

I really like blitz

4271622 My top goal for this story is not not make the same mistakes as I did in BLITZ, but that requires me to know most of the mistakes and fix them wherever possible. So, is there any mistakes you want to point out for me other than the names? I want to know so I can see if it's a problem(s) I'm already aware of, or something(s) that has been hiding in the shadows. Anything you have to say will be extremely helpful! :pinkiehappy:

Also, Bf1 ost is life.

4272245 I'm glad you do! :twilightsmile:

I hope you'll enjoy this upcoming story even more than BLITZ!

4272451 You need to be more indept about the Human nation like, the size of the military, their leaders, cities, population size, the diversity of the population, etc.

If you need an example, try reading my story Change is Over the Horizon. The story starts off rushed because I'm still not that experienced in writing fics, but I switch povs so many times. Starting with Twilight, to a Lieutenant on an Equestrian Battleship, to the Emperor of Humanity's Empire, 2 members of Equestria's Royal Guards, to a Vice-Admiral commanding an Imperial Battleship, a fighter pilot, the Director of the Empire's Intelligence Division, to a Colonel of a Spec Ops Group. People seem to like reading many different povs since it's unique to them. Most stories on this site focus on only 1-2 people. I focus on many not only because it just appeals to people, I do it because it opens scenes I can't do with the main characters as I will switch views to minor characters, mostly random soldiers on both sides.

I'm not telling you about my story to promote it (That's not my intention), but because it's a prime example and I haven't seen any stories on this site that utilizes so many povs.

4272646 That is definitely an idea I will utilize, but I wouldn't try to make too many PoVs because that would be hard for me to keep track of.

However, this story will have two different perspectives for a while mainly because it's the autobiography of the AAF leader, followed by the agent that has to study it for reasons I won't give away yet.

Thanks for your criticism/advice! Though, I'm curious; what aspects did you like about the story?

4272780 I liked the plot of it though it lacked an effective backstory.

I read the Q&A about Blitz and saw the idea that after humanity won the war, the defeated powers eventually reassembled to fight humanity in a "global war" . That sounds like a freaking amazing idea! Essentially an Equestrian WWI and WWII with some tweaks.

Comment posted by angel3591 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

Also can't wait for Course of Action to come out! Now time for some war tunes...

4274108 Essentially, it was just like that. Though, the other powers joined together because they were unconquered, and probably thought humanity was gonna invade them all, so they banded together out of fear. I probably didn't make that clear:derpytongue2:, but hopefully it will be a lot more clearer in CoA. :pinkiehappy:

4274119 My personal pick for war music was this:

But I like your choice!

4272819 That was mostly my fault for not revealing all of it. It did have a backstory, but I guess I was trying to give it a mysterious vibe, I dunno. :P

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