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Crimsion Ink

Greetings newcomers! I'm Crimson Ink! <3 Sadly, I am no longer online. But feel welcome to check out my page, blogs, and stories! Though I will not reply, feel free to comment! :D Pony up! -CI :yay:

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  • 326 weeks
    Keep smiling and Love Ponies

    Though time pass us by

    Though we stand here apart

    Our memories will live on forever

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  • 326 weeks

    So sorry guys, but I forgot to mention something earlier on my blog:twilightsheepish: I have a small request. If you don't want to or have the time, i understand. But if you want, would you go visit my first couple blogs? You know, visit my roots, my ameatur beginning?
    Just for nostalga's sake:twilightsheepish::scootangel:

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  • 326 weeks
    Second to last blog.

    *this is a business blog*

    Thank you all for the extremely kind and touching comments on my previous blog. I hate that this might spoil that mood, but it needed to be made.

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  • 326 weeks
    This is it. . .

    Greetings my dear stalkers. Greetings in a farewell seem so bittersweet.

    That's how this is for me. And here I said I wouldn't get emotional. *throws toughness out the window* Bring on the waterfall! But not before, I say what need and want to say.

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  • 326 weeks
    The times grows near.

    I'm off to write that one blog were all my emotions come pouring out in one big heap as I wish all I love good-bye.

    Just a heads up!

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Hi! · 8:50pm Oct 25th, 2016

Hello dear stalkers!

Sorry, I haven't made any blogs today. Kinda waiting for some more comments on my Q&A. But it's fine! I just wanted to say that I'm on, have updated my channel for the most part, and for those who may not no, tonight is my last night on!

That's about it!

How ya'll doin'?:pinkiesmile:

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Just finished another chapter for my Warcraft series.

4270925 just need the proofreaders approval.

Well, you missed me completing Pirate101 twice.

4270930 Hope it get's approved!

4270932 What's that?

WHAT?!?!?!?! YOUR LEAVING???? FOR HOW LONG???????? (I haven't been on for a while......:twilightsheepish:)

4271006 I am, and probably for good. I'm only on to say goodbye. ( its okay, so have I. my blogs will explain much of the situation.)

So far so good. *hugs* Sorry to hear this will be your last night. Is there any chance of you returning in the years to come?

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