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  • 141 weeks
    Random thoughts

    hm... ever wonder, if changelings were Self aware A.I? and the eggs they hatch from are organic chrysali that form them from parent data from the already existing changeling A.I? and every generation there is one or two anomalies?(thorax) while the central hub is the queen/king? disguises are just mechanical processes fueled by love somehow and green fire is the exhaust?

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  • 167 weeks

    friends art page. if anyone is interested. if not, spread it around at least.


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  • 192 weeks
    reviewers cafe

    submissions for this session are now officially open.

    be sure to submit your stories for review quick;y!

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  • 235 weeks
    randomness is random

    well, just wanted to spread the word. the bird is it and the bird wants you to take a look at Reviewers Cafe

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  • 242 weeks

    Party balloons and streamers galore,
    maybe we could use some more

    While i hide behind a smile of stained glass,
    I spread cheer to the masses.

    Though others smile in glee,
    the parties i throw mean nothing to me,

    Every day the number of smiles go up,

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Warmth · 4:39pm Oct 23rd, 2016

I will be posting the final chapter earlier than usual- i will be busy tomorrow till afternoon, so i won't keep y'all in the dark till then. time of submission will be at the first stroke of midnight for me tonight.

thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoy. also- just cause i can. ->

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