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And Thousands of Changeling Fanfics Lie in the Rubble · 2:00pm Oct 23rd, 2016

By now everyone should have seen the finale of season six. If not and you don't like spoilers, don't read the rest of this blog yet.

A new changeling-centered episode was of enormous interest to me, and I was delighted to see that Thorax seemed to be evolving. But to have them all suddenly change and become good guys was a bit much. Yes, my fanfics already diverged from what the show had intended long ago, but at least it still existed within the realms of possibility. With this one enormous change, practically every fanfic involving changelings has been invalidated, and the screams of anguished authors reverberated around the world.

Okay, not really, and like I said in an earlier blog, all these alternative worlds make for diverse and interesting reading. I'm sure plenty of new changeling stories with the evolved 'lings will appear on FiMFiction, and I will probably read some of them. However, while I like King Thorax, it did not make sense that every single one of the drones would suddenly see the error of their ways and follow suit. At the most they should have gone as far as Thorax's first evolutionary stage. What's done is done though. Thankfully Chrysalis is still out there and will inevitably cause trouble someday.

Now I'm off to add the Alternate Universe tag to all my changeling stories! :facehoof:

Comments ( 15 )

I find myself liking the new forms... and find that the whole "villains become good" thing is already heavy in-canon. If I had to nitpick, it's that with all of this change that did happen... Queen Chrysalis was being more stubborn than a mule.

Insert "no offense" joke here in-universe.

That, and she did imply she was starving her Hive for love and keeping the majority of that energy to herself, so the whole "feeding her subjects" thing from Canterlot Wedding got invalidated.

Basically, yes, as in your fics, she is a monster even to her own species. :D

To be fair to the show and canon, I think the rest of the Changelings going along with Thorax and releasing their love to trigger that transformation was more practical than it was about feeling guilty about their previous actions. As Thorax and Chrysalis both said, a Changeling's hunger for love never ends, so when the rest of the drones saw a way to be rid of the constant emptiness inside they all decided to go for it.

And really, there wasn't much way that your stories could be canon when they relied so heavily on one) a relationship with one of the main characters and your OC, and two) said relationship and major events revolving around a race in the show that was barely touched upon until this season. I understand your desire to remain in canon, I do my very best to keep my own series as close to it as I can as well, but I'm only working with pony characters in a town that the writers can change to suit their needs. It's very difficult to write upon the expanded universe as you have and not break canon.

Still, don't be afraid to keep on writing and exploring this alternate "Cogsverse" of yours. I know I'll keep on reading, canon or not!

It could almost have been perfect. All they had to do was have them change slowly over time as more and more Changelings develop friendships. But noooo! Poof! Everyone becomes an Alicorn a moth pony!

Pretty much what happened to the Star Wars Fandom. After movie 6 another 40 years worth of, collaborated by many writers, follow up stories, shot to hell by Disney when they killed off Han Solo, movie 7. Stinks when bean counters think they have a money making angle.:twilightangry2:
Wish I could add a hundred likes to this blog post.

I friedn of mine is considering that finale non canon, and i have to agree. so many plot holes. YOu think after the scare Thorax started in it debut episode they strengthen security around the kingdom. Seriously taking out all the Princesses and the Mane 6 in a bout a day? To me the qualtiy of writing in the show has dropped severly.

Yeah.... I can see why you would be so.. "WTF?!"

Upgraded Thorax with crystal wings = Cool! :rainbowkiss:
King Thorax form = Uh, a little gradient happy with the colors, and no more leg holes, but... okay? :rainbowhuh:
All the multicolored changelings = STOP! NO! ABORT! Too much color! Pick one. Not ALL of them! Noooooooooo! :raritydespair:

I compare this to the S4 Finale Rainbow Powers. I didn't mind it so much, but all the changelings? Just... yup, I found my "Rainbow Powers". No sir, I don't like it.

I loved the swiss cheese leg look. It was such a unique look. And now it's gone for horse-bugs with lots of color gradients. Should have stopped while you were ahead. Seriously, the crystal wings were awesome. And they ruined it. :raritycry:

It was nice to see all the "reformed" villains come together to save the Mane 6 though. that was a plus. :moustache:

So many things didn't make any sense about the finale... but I still liked it. But yeah, no sense. And that end was way too much.
Oh well. At least it's not another Princess Twilight level of outrage :rainbowlaugh:

4267761 Seriously? The season six finale, of the show, NOT canon? Whatever floats your boat, dude...

4267932 so many plotholes and bad choices in it yes. With some rewrites it could hurt but not in it's current form.

Personally I am thinking chrysalis will be back with a hive of more normal changelings in the future.

I think the new changeling palette is a bit...


But other than that, it was a decent finale.

The changelings in my fics well the harmonist ones at least were always more pony looking but not to the extent that was in the show. but yeah...the episode has caused me to put Imprisonment of a Changeling on hiatus so I can get rewrites done to it since I do try to follow the show canon for that universe as well as main verse wing.

Not quite flutterponies. but for my sanity i am thinking that this is not and evolution but a previous state they lost. That at least softens the blow of the abruptness of it. but yeah, maybe an equal split would have been better, allows for more stories from them instead of just dropping off the face of equestrai like I expect the writers want now.

Also Changeling are from the Badlands. Yay. though i guess with discord teleport we do not know what direction they moved in. it could be an entirely different continent.

And because this seems appropriate:


Pony Berserker on the new Changeling look. :derpytongue2:

As far as I am concerned, much of the fan fiction is more canon than the show itself, so this changes nothing. I have a thing for the mystery of the changelings, so I spent most of the episode grinning because everything that happened or was said about changelings in those episodes can be found here in fan fiction written before 2015. The ending was ridiculous, but I'd like to imagine an author here will eventually give it its 400k word justice.

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