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Sky Sunset shimmer

I am brazilian, and i love mlp and mlpeg, my favorite charater is Sunset shimmer.

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  • 179 weeks
    They're back...

    The voices are back,I'm in a big down from the bipolar disorder,and I'm cold,I just want to lay down and cry,I feel useless...A complete trash...
    Luckily,I don't got class this week...
    And sorry if I'm being a burden to you all, I just needed to tell someone...

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  • 181 weeks
    For the fans of "You can live without me..."

    I got two little suprises for you,one of them is I'm making the prequel for "You can live without me" in duet with Anstca
    And the second suprise is,I'm making an extra chapter in the story in which there will be Aria's funeral.
    Sorry for the people who doesn't like it.

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  • 190 weeks
    About "You can live without me..."

    I'm going to put "You can live without me...","I miss you so much...", Fear in the inside and "Life can do terrible things..." altogether

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  • 203 weeks
    So...About my new story...

    I need an editor for my new story...

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  • 203 weeks
    I'm cancelling "A little Sparkling Blaze "

    I'm cancelling "A little Sparkling Blaze",Cause, I'm going to do another story,with Adagio ,where she gets pregnant, but this one is going to be sad , when "A little Sparkling Blaze" was comedy.

    14 comments · 390 views

Someone pleaaaase can proofread and edit "A little Sparkling Blaze" for me? · 10:44am Oct 23rd, 2016

Pleaaaase,there's already 19 dislikes...:fluttercry:

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