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I've Been Thinking · 1:52am Oct 23rd, 2016

Hi, everypony. Yes, I'm alive. :twilightblush:

So it's been a while since most of you have heard from me. The last year or so I've sorta taken a break from FIM, due to some lack of interest and just life in general. I've recently come back and I'm starting to remember how much fun fanfiction is. During the past couple months I've discovered that I want to write a novel, and I figured, "What better way is there to practice than writing fanfics?"

I've been thinking a bit, and I had the idea to rewrite Twilight's Sentry. Not continuing where I left off, but starting from scratch. Before anyone gets their hopes up, this isn't a guarantee or any sort of promise that I'll do it. Anyway, this is where you, my amazing readers, come in. :raritywink: Would you actually like to see any sort of rewrite? (Comment below, please. :derpytongue2: ) I don't want to go to the effort of redoing this story idea that I absolutely loved without anyone actually reading or enjoying it.

Just some food for thought. No promises as of yet, but I'd like to get some sort of idea about who would be excited for this.

Take care, :heart:

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Comments ( 3 )

I wouldn't mind if you decide to do that.

Do what you want to do, we're all in this for a little fun on the side.

I alway enjoy a new flashlight fic.

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