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I am the author. I write words. You are the reader. You bring the words to life, along with my messages. All I ask of you is that you bring my words to life...and learn from my life.

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Song Finish Contest #1 · 9:40pm Oct 21st, 2016

To make up for the down mood of the last two posts, I have decided to do a contest! Each prize will be done (different per each song), and the prize will be handed out at the end of November.

One ______ = one word
PM's will be told if right or wrong answers...
If the answer is commented, I cannot respond until the end of November.

Prizes are to be announced later:


All I wanted was to be ______
All I ever want was your _____
But when you ____ away from my ________
It sends me in a ________

All I wanted was to be noticed.
All I ever want was your gaze.
But when you look away from my display.
It sends me in a craze.

Let's begin!
(Five songs total for this contest)

Big ________called me the ________
You can save us all from ________
No cape or super powers
But fears it ________
And ________it showers
No ________
But I’ll be your ________
Help those from here to ________
Just call like ye need a ________
High ________till I see ye later

Oh oh ok, ok
________ it today
No way
Pick up where I left off
________ on, ________on
________style ________
Time on

The world _________ me is lost in misery
The only _________ I've got in my life is you
No _________, no other _________
When everything feels _________I feel right with You

So _________, desperate deeply
_________your love is better than mine to me
Can I have this _________ _________?

I wanna live _________
Wanna live for You and me
(_________for the first time now
I came _________somehow)

I _________live my life
Wanna give You _________
(_________for the first time now
I came _________somehow)

So keep your _________up high and dust off your _________
It's alright, no, it's not over
_________is here, it came to dry up all your _________
Oh, can you feel it
You gotta _________it, you gotta _________it
By your _________in the _________of the _________
Keep your _________up high and the _________off your shoulders
It's _________, no it's not over

Though I know I'll only see you in _________
You'll never _________just what your _________
_________to me...

And I will not _________up!
I will soar through the _________
I'm _________who I need to be
I know you're _________there
They say you _________on in me
And I finally _________
The _________that's inside of me

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Comments ( 2 )

Good luck to all!

And remember, if you PM me the answers, I can tell you right away what you got right or what you got wrong!

So keep your head up high and dust off your shoulders
It's alright, no, it's not over
Love is here, it came to dry up all your tears
Oh, can you feel it
You gotta beilive it, you gotta see it
By your side in the middle of the night
Keep your headup high and thedustoff your shoulders
It's alright, no it's not over

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