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I am the author. I write words. You are the reader. You bring the words to life, along with my messages. All I ask of you is that you bring my words to life...and learn from my life.

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Suicide · 3:36pm Oct 21st, 2016

Why? *breaks out into tears* Why do people even talk about it? Yes! I get it! It feels like there's no way out...that there's only one escape from the pain.

But please...please! If you're considering it, remember those who know you. It breaks my heart every single time.

*whimpers* I don't want to lose another friend...not now...not ever. The sheer thought...it terrifies me.

And I'm scared today...very scared....

*whimpers* I wish I knew that they were safe...but I can't protect her from herself...


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I'm still here fox, been waiting for ya on fan fic

I would say something, but I'd just offend everyone.

Okay I'll say something.

Suicide is the most selfish thing a person can do and you're a coward or just stupid if you think that's the only way out. Of course excluding suicide for good reason. Saving others, avoiding what is going to be a an imminent and shitty death...you get the point. Really is the only applicable time you should even consider it.

If you're down on your luck and contemplating, get help. Believe me, I don't have many friends nor people who really give a damn about me, but you will always find someone who cares about you enough to help you get through it. Those people who are on the end of helpline such as the phone or twitter, they give a damn about you because why else would they be volunteering for a near thankless job? Nobody decent wants to see someone pushed so far to the edge that they kill themselves and if you look a little harder, you'll see some decent people round you.

Also, we really need to do that collab sometime. It's Obsidian Rose btw.

Oki calm down Dea. Look, calm down. People do what they want, but I will say what everybody says because it is true: It is not the answer. I know you are stressed about everybody losing their shit and becoming deppressed and that, but remember if people try a little they can find a way out. I myself stress over other people and it is alredy slowly killing me and that is me just talking about my close family. Don't get me started on everything else. If you know somebody on fimmy or in real life, get them to talk to you since what I see you are an awsome person! And you can listen! So first try to calm yourself down oki?

*hugs* Sometimes for others to move past a moment in their life, they must talk about it. For many it's easy to sweep it under the rug, and let that be that. But for those who can't they either talk about it, or try to sweep it under the rug. Only for it to fester in the back of their minds.

Don't let the blogs bother you too much.

4265056 Yea, I know. Sorry, been super busy, so I've only had time to check up on here. :twilightsheepish:

4265079 I'm not down on my luck...just scared by others contemplating it for themselves.

Obsidian Rose...

*blinks* I recognize the name from somewhere, but I can't remember where. Care to remind me? I forget usernames easily...

4265153 Yea...I'm calm.

Just haven't heard from someone...in nearly a week now. And last thing I saw from her, she was questioning why she even lived anymore...

4265332 Do you have any of her other social media? Like Facebook or somethin'? Maybe you can contact her through there or something

4265334 I've tried pretty much everything I know... *sigh*

4265336 *Hug* I know you tried everything you can. Sometimes we can't control what happens. So just try to calm yourself down.

4265330 I think I helped you with Cadence's Musing and Fluttershy's Musings.

I see a number of dislikes on your and am curious why you haven't taken them down and reworked them. As I said, they have potential, and I was looking to help you with those as well as a collab.

4265346 Oh yea right! I remember now! :twilightsheepish:
Sorry, totally slip my mind. If you have an idea for a collab, let me know!

4265342 *sighs and snuggles*

4265348 Navy with lots of hardcore buttsecks.

4265355 *blinks*

Error 6699: Please come back after he reboots.


4265349 You just have to go thorugh it and hope she is going to be okay

4265357 Yea...I'm praying. I hate losing friends, especially to suicide. *hugs close*

4265356 Sorry. Just lightening the mood. But yeah, I do have a airship distant lands story in the works. And it is navy.

Keep it Teen of course; only suggest, don't tell.

4265361 Yea. Lol.
*shrugs* I'll think of something...hopefully.

Once I read the tag I got scared as fuck. Thought it was going to go from 2 people I couldn't help to 3.

4265642 Sorry to scare you. *hugs close*

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