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Welcome, i dabble in a bit of everything, as long as i get to flex some creative muscle i think i can write it.

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    literally me

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    I've just been busy and had issues with google docs.

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    Hey, I'm back. Still have some resting to do. But I figured while I'm stuck in bed to just give an update.

    I'm working on a rewrite for Finding my Muse and I have the next chapters of No mere human, I just need an editor/reviewer to look through No mere human before I upload it.

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Hiatus-Editing, personal stuffs, and college paperwork. · 8:32pm Oct 20th, 2016

Need to edit some more, so the stories that need it will get the hiatus until that is done. Consider it like patience in case I miss things. Also, I may have to delay some things, as I need to focus energy on some applications and such. Just thought I'd let you know. Now that I think about it, who am I talking to with these blogs? I'm followed by like 8-9 people tops! Either way just wanna give the heads up. In the meantime here is something amusing.

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i've got half the stalkers you got, and i still made one. lol good luck on everything tho.

Thanks. Take is easy.

4263880 you too. college work ain't a picnic.

Gathering followers takes a while. It took me two years just to get to where I am, and still that number pales in comparison to a lot of the authors that I follow.

I know. just surprised i make blogs addressing people as if i have audience haha.

Thanks. It's stressful.

4264458 yes... yes it is. been there- done that xD

But what's a better stress reliever than ponies?!

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