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Welcome, i dabble in a bit of everything, as long as i get to flex some creative muscle i think i can write it.

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How dose the viewing sytem work? · 8:21am Oct 19th, 2016

Does it count every time I look at a story? Does it count only when you scroll by> Just asking because my new story managed to get 77 views so far, and I just woke up. Is that a good thing? Also how do Icheck with people for favoriting my past stories?

Report L3thAlPwnE · 141 views · #question #views #favorate
Comments ( 2 )

The number displayed at the top right of your story shows the number of views the first chapter has received. When you hover above it, a second number shows up; this shows the total number of views for the story. As far as I know, either number only shows up when someone clicks on your story's chapter or chapters.

If by check you mean thank, then you can go to the person's profile and see if they have a section for comments. If not, you could always send a personal message (PM) by way of the small envelope icon in the top left of FIMFiction's hot bar. Though, for that, you'll have to know the person's username.

Thanks, I 've been on a thanking spree.

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