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Nightmare Nights · 4:51pm Oct 18th, 2016

It's hardly unusual for me to go to a convention- after all, that's where most of my income originates, in a dealer's room.

But I've decided to go to Dallas this weekend, using credit card points, for Nightmare Nights... and NOT sell things.

(Well, that last bit was decided for me. I applied as a vendor months ago and wasn't accepted.)

It's very, very seldom that I get to go to a convention without setting up my booth, because I can't afford to travel much unless I'm going home with more money than I left home with. But this coming weekend, I've decided, constitutes my vacation for the year. This weekend I will worry about nothing. I will go seek out Silver Quill and Peter New, poke around the artist and vendor tables, and probably spend far too much time in the board-gaming room. (I love "Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.")

I will also have a laptop with me, but whether it gets used for My Little Karaoke or for writing Changeling Space Program or other things (Melancholy of Pinkie Pie revival?), I can't say until the event.

So, if you're going, look for the fat dude in the dark brown Indiana Jones-like hat. One of them will probably be me.

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See, you wouldn't get rejected for a vendor spot if you stopped filling in 'hookers and blow' as the sales items.

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