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    LP: 8000 -----> 7800

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How I Torture Princess Cadance. · 4:25pm Oct 18th, 2016

There are things in life that upset you, sometimes you don’t even know why they upset you but they JUST DO. Even tiny things that shouldn’t upset you upset you so much that you feel THE BURN:

THE BURN: Angry, hateful feelings quietly burning you up inside. You begin to feel very warm inside, and as your anger increases it suddenly feels like a hot oven in the room! You can’t think straight, you can’t eat, you definitely cannot sleep, and you begin to sweat bullets, and your clothes stick to you. You won’t actually do anything rash or insane, or God forbid, Homicidal, but above all things, you just feel REALLY HOT and uncomfortable.

…That’s the Burn! It’s a terrible thing, so you try and find things to do to cool off (things that actually work) and the best thing for me is to write out my feelings on paper, or in story format,

Princess Cadance is one of many cartoon things that gives me The Burn: She’s so beautiful and loving, and she was the bride at the Canterlot Royal wedding (I am not fond of brides because they are so beautiful and happy, while I feel ugly and unhappy… though I don’t really care too-too much for looks)

It pains me to see her so happy and living happily ever after when almost every single other character I’ve seen (Undeservingly) got the exact opposite.

So, every Starfleet season I think of ways to brutally torture and harm Cadance and scar her life so it would be as if she knows what it’s like to live in the real world; where true love and happy endings DO NOT always help, and are not always there.

Season 1: When Equestria was invaded by Super Nightmare Moon and Titan’s minions, Equestrians (Powerless to fight back) were chained up and thrown into hard slave-labour. Cadance, along with many others were whipped and brutally beaten!

Season 2: Fratello, her long lost older brother (that I created) Twenty years ago he was taken over by robotic creatures and brainwashed to turn against his family. After escaping, twenty years later he returned, as a full-fledged demonic machine-warrior and wreaked havoc on United Equestria with his legion machine followers. As most magic and other resources would have no affect him, it was impossible to redeem him or make him become good again. It was realized that the only hope of ending his terror would be to destroy him. Though Cadance objected whole-heartily to the idea and desperately tried to seek an alternative solution. In the end, even she was forced to comply, and when having cornered her brother at the Season Finale, Fratello’s good nature kicked in and helped hold the evil robot back enough for Cadance to reluctantly shoot her brother through his body, destroying him and the robot for good.

Season 3: Twilight Sparkle was killed by Raven, a wicked assassin who sought to murder Celestia, and as Twilight and Cadance were very close, Twilight’s death was a devastating blow to Cadance and others, including Shining Armor (Her death was also for part of the plot)

Season 4:

In the initial timeline: Not only had Celestia died from a devastating disease, the dark energy (Extracted from reforming prisoners), that would one day form as the Dark King whom would take over the future ran amuck throughout United Equestria. Starfleet tried their very best but were ultimately unable to conquer this darkness. Many lives were lost, among them was Shining Armor.

Those two deaths, plus other, and the devastation would really harm Cadance’s fragile esteem.

In the reconstituted timeline: Cadance began to have recurring nightmares, of she herself being a living bad omen, causing bad luck and misfortune to all her friends and family. She became so fearful that she ran away!

However, this was all revealed to be a setup by her cousins, Castor and Leilani, whom had traveled back in time from the future in order to help their friends and family in the present stand up to the Dark King and his evil forces. It was they who gave Cadance those nightmares in hopes she would flee and then discover her new Ninja powers, which proved to be a great help. (It was the only way to ensure it done properly)

Season 5:

Pregnant with her first child, would-be-named Amano: Cadance began to suffer from difficulties in her pregnancy and was told to avoid stress and working too hard, causing her to be bedridden. Things only worsened when Shining Armor was kidnapped (By mistake) by the Insectos, and he was brainwashed to become evil and donned with a wicked powers of the Insecto General Saber. Cadance’s condition became more than difficult as she could hardly bear with such thoughts and realties. Despite her best efforts to maintain her pregnancy… when Shining Armor as Saber attacked Crystal Palace, his actions resulted in a large stone column being knocked loose and falling upon her resulting in premature birth and defects from the shock and stress, consequently causing her son to be stillborn!

(Quite possibly, Cadance’s most devastating tragedy thus far)

Season 6:

Cadance and Shining Armor are sadly informed by their royal medical staff that they will never be able to have more children of their own-- Cadance’s reproductive system had suffered massive damage from the previous season, leaving her barren, and Shining Armor, the power of Saber (though now in his possession to do good) The insect DNA had badly disrupted his male sperm and bodily systems leaving him unable to reproduce either.

Starfleet Humans: Starfleet Events:

Principal Cadance of Crystal Prep, still believing her brother Fratello, a deep-sea fisherman whose boat reportedly went down in storm two years ago, is still alive. Her intuition proves correct when her brother suddenly shows up unexpectedly, claiming to have been shipwrecked on an unknown island and invites his sister and family to explore it with him. Only upon their arrival is it revealed that Fratello is a cybernetic humanoid whom was injured in his ordeals. He was revived and changed into the cyborg he was by the evil Xaydie, whom had roped him into being her personal sleeper agent, threatening to detonate a powerful bomb wired into him if he refused. After Xaydie’s defeat, Fratello, feeling extremely guilty for his deceit and endangering his friends and sister, makes ultimate amends by sacrificing himself-- throwing himself into the island’s volcano-- detonating the bomb in his body which triggered a massive eruption that obliterated the entire island and all of Xaydie’s resources, thus saving the world from destruction, but Cadance was horribly devastated by the loss of her brother. Though she continues to be strong and get on with hr life and work

Season 7:

Flurry Heart gets kidnapped by the bats and made into one of them. She's missing for weeks.

Season 8:

Cadance is the primary target for Data Stream's vengeance, and she physically shocks her and traps her in a computer


…I find that doing all this and sharing it with people who may feel the same way as me really helps to cool the burn, but do not misjudge me. This is all just fiction. (Cadance isn't a REAL BEING. She has no actual connection to the real thing) In real life I would never do these things to people. I’d just want to stay out of their ways/lives, and ask that they keep out of mine. That way I can still be true to myself, and they can be happy.

…Everyone wins (Sort of)

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Comments ( 5 )

What if cadance is captured and used as a battery for the changeling who are still evil and used to get even more powerful because since she is the alicorn of love and that means lots and lots of love in her equals super powerful changelings


The Changelings were the main enemies of my Starfleet Season 2

Yeah but what if they make a comeback


That's what it is...

hehe, I think you may as well check out season 2, it'll save me an explanation. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/374345/my-brave-pony-starfleet-magic-season-ii

Right now I'm off to bed. (But if you got more questions I'll answer them later)

Oh thanks and good night

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