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Callos Sombra

Interested in friends and a good read.

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  • 147 weeks
    Been gone for way too long

    Never thought id come back here most of my chatting i could get done on discord guess i've been neglecting my reading quiet a lot..
    Last time i remember being here i was about 90 chapters and a few stories behind now i look and its about oh.. 386 i need to read..

    Mistress Luna help me please..

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  • 168 weeks
    Pinkie pie learns a new word

    After a half hour i can breath right again. OH god my sides hurt from laughing so hard.. anyways give this a watch.
    If you dont like the word Fu*k you won't like this. xD

    Ok im going to lay down for a bit to catch my breath. Hope you get a laugh. :pinkiehappy:

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  • 168 weeks
    What do you do?

    So what do you do if you see this?

    For me one of two things.

    1: Lock the door and hope she goes away.
    2: Keep the door open and see where things go from there. :trollestia:

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  • 168 weeks
    Was hoping to have today off

    But its all good, got plenty of birthday wishes today. Anyways good night.

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  • 169 weeks
    when i hear this i think of tanish and Maud

    lol i know kudz man you might say no thats not it but hey this is a hot track!

    xD That Teapot can make that rock hot.

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Sombra's death Song · 4:09am Oct 18th, 2016

Enjoy it!... Thats an order!


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