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    I haven't even started watching season 9.

    I really should get on that. Probably re-watch season 8 as a refresher too.

    I don't want to be spoiled anyways.

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    It's been a while since I posted one of these.

    Life's been a bitch, but at the same time things are going okay.

    I actually started writing a book...

    A self-help book.

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    I just got a new hat!

    I got a proper MAGA hat, not one of the Chinese fake ones on Amazon. Got it on the Donald Trump web store.

    I named it The Red Maga.

    ~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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    So life has been kicking my ass a bit.

    As the title said, life has been kicking my ass a bit, but I'm still moving forward. I've finally decided to start creating my planned order of practitioners of the esoteric arts, and I've got a lot of interesting stuff planned for my near future. Things should start improving relatively soon as far as my living situation is concerned, and I'm gonna tear life a new asshole if it doesn't stop

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    Netflix Animoo...

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    Oh gods this is gonna be pretty unexciting...

    So then I start with a random one on the list that I happened to see was on Netflix...

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Some people just aren't worth the effort... · 8:25am Oct 17th, 2016

So I read a fanfic that was quite well written (it was a fallout crossover, which I have a weakness for), but it was cancelled. I sent a Private Message to the author asking about it and was met with hostility and arrogance, all the while he was claiming I was the arrogant one. Long story short I feel that he was an incredible hypocrite, who soured any enjoyment I had from his fiction. And if you are reading this, Speven Dillberg, I hope you are happy with yourself. I simply was asking a question about your fic, and you claimed I was arrogant and a 'petulant brat upset that they're not getting what they want'. You really are the biggest hypocrite I've ever met on this site, so good job with that.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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Comments ( 11 )

Well dang man, I'm sorry you were met with such an attitude. You've always seemed polite when I read your posts, and I don't think asking about something in and of itself is arrogant. Either way, I know the pain of seeing a good story canceled, so you have my sympathy—not that you wanted or needed it.

Anyway, I just posted a new chapter for A Changeling in Friendship, and I hope maybe you'll give me your thoughts on it, so I can keep improving as a writer.

4259267 Thanks. I'll have to check out your other fic, since I only really have read the one...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

4259271 I would really appreciate it if you can get around to it, also it's about changelings, so I sort of thought you'd already read it, guess not ha-ha.

4259273 If it's any consolation, I have it opened up in my other tab waiting to be read after I finish reading what I am currently reading, and I will most assuredly read the shit out of it.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

4259275 Not entirely sure how long it will take you to finish whatever you're currently engrossed in, but if you'll humor me, then I have an idea. Something that always gives me a good perspective on my own writing is for the person reading it to comment as they're reading it. So, if I haven't come off as kind of creepy yet, I can message you my skype and we can chat while you read. If not that's cool, but it's actually a lot of fun.

4259276 Usually I comment when I reach the end of what is written. If I leave no feedback, it's good, anything I do leave is usually some form of praise or some form of feedback. I do have a pretty warped view on levels of quality, where when I say something is 'not bad' or 'decent' I mean good, 'good' means great, and 'bad' means abysmal. And if I do leave feedback, I usually elaborate on what could be improved.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Yeah Fuck that guy

If someone does not want to do something, leave them alone. You were both in the wrong.

4259710 All I did was ask a simple question, then he got all upset, how am I in the wrong for that?

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

4259959 Because you redundantly asked a second time after the author already made it clear they were not interested in continuing their story. Don't beg authors to write solely for your pleasure, that's very inconsiderate.

Don't forget I said you're both at fault, but you even included a link to their profile. That's just rude. Leave them alone. Look at their blogs. This was not the first time they've been asked this question, minimal amount of research would have let you know.

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