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The Great Wub Tub

Just a writer trying to have a bit of fun! Check this out if ya wanna 'Buy me a coffee'. Otherwise, have a lovely day! Look forward to even more tales!

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Small Blog About Comms · 11:10pm Oct 16th, 2016

When will I learn how to work these things, AM I RIGHT? I know it says closed, buuuut generally 1-3k commissions are still open. I'm looking for things like weight gain, slob, my little pony, romance, slice of life, adventure, ya get the idea. If ya want one, feel free to shoot me an email at thegreatwubtub@gmail.com and we can work out the deets. Just something nice and simple to keep that sweet, sweet cash in flowing. Still 10 dollars for 1k. 20 for 2k 30 for 3k

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