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Change isn't always good · 11:36am Oct 16th, 2016

I just recently found this video

, and for the most part it's pretty spot on. Although, I don't mind the new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime character designs all that much, what has been bugging me with the anime series is Ash's inability to grow up. With that out of the way, there are other things to consider as well.

What are some character redesigns from shows you enjoyed way back when that you couldn't quite understand or like? What are some changes to a series you like you would like to see? Me personally, I'd like to see a Pokemon anime that doesn't center Ash for once, if they want to keep Pikachu that's fine, but I honestly think we need at least one Pokemon series that doesn't have Ash as the main protagonist.

Comments ( 6 )

Well there is Pokemon: Generations... But it's about a decade too late. Personally I would take an episode were Pikachu evolves into a Raichu... But this is why I prefere Digimon, say what you want about the changes made in each season, it atleast tried something different, it took risks and did not hold to the 'status quo us God' trope

4257992 True, and they're sort of getting back their roots with Digimon Tri, but still wish they would take more risks with Pokemon anime (Generations is just little 5 minute skits for the most part), but it would be cooler if they went the Digimon route in Pokemon, each series having a different main character going on his or her adventures, it would definitely make it feel more like the games and that the world was a whole lot bigger.

There IS a pokemon anime titled as Pokémon Red and Blue that follows the original trainers from the games and not Ash.
I'm surprised they didn't build on that rather than jumping back to their kid who apparently lives outside of the realms of time and space, which likely is seriously pissing of Palkia, Dialga and Arceus.

Also his dub voice actor!
He started out okay with your stereotypical rough-voiced idiot protagonist, but now his character sounds like a mid-teen who gargled a cup of gravel.

4258028 Actually, it's called Pokemon Origins and its a short OVA series, but still tapped into a lot nostalgia for players of the original games.

And that's the other problem, he's not allowed to truly develop as a character, every time we get some hint of development he gets completely reset for the new series. It would make more sense to put him in a cameo roll and show up for a few episodes in each new series (maybe with a little showing of him growing up from series to the next, or they can explain away his inability to grow up as it all taking place in the general point in time)

4258032 Maybe it's an Australian thing, because here the DVDs are titled as Pokémon: Red and Blue.

4258008 and I am alright with revisiting the roots, as long as they proceed forward and not back peddle. Which is why I enjoy The Force Awakens.

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