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    Nickelback - Feed The Machine

    They actually produce something I really like.

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    75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour

    Japans biggest blunder of the war, dragging America into the war. They missed the carriers and the fuels depots at the harbour, America was able to come back at Midway and destroy 4 IJN carriers.

    But we should never forget the men who did lose their lives on this day 75 years ago.

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    RIP Anthony Foley

    Very sad news for the rugby world as today Munster's head coach Anthony Foley was found dead in his hotel ahead of the Munster vs Racing 92 Challenge Cup game. The match has been postponed and will be played at a later date.

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The life of a Hypochondriac · 10:45pm Oct 15th, 2016

Why I hate life? Because life is full with danger, and for me that's scary as hell. There is not a day goes by where i'm not thinking about my health. A stomach cramp? Oh god must be cancer. Simple headache? Oh god i've got a brain tumour. These thoughts keep me awake at night and I can never rest one bit , yet I know nothing is wrong with me, i'm a healthy male yet I still freak out and then I have a horrible anxiety attack with cold sweats, constant shaking, feeling like i'm going throw up, everything is different and weird.

I am having mental support and am on medicine, but the real reason why i'm doing is for my own sake and also for others who suffer from what i and telling them they are not alone. Our symptoms of what we feel are just caused by stress and that strain effects our bodies. You've got nothing to worry about.

Also I wear glasses now, they are really weird.

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