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Just your average brony from Michigan. My name's Edward, and Celestia is best pony. Feel free to shoot me a PM, or add me on Skype. Praise the sun \o/

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  • 51w, 3d
    So today is my birthday

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  • 69w, 3d
    Double Story Update + Other stuff (please read)

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  • 69w, 5d
    I Need Your Help

    I really need your help, guys. I've been doing my absolute very best, but apparently that just isn't enough anymore. I've been unemployed for 3 months now, and things are not looking good for me if I can't get a job, and soon. I'll be forced to move, again, and I won't have my grandparents' house to crash at for a month while I'm between houses this time.

    I really hate to do this again, but I must ask you, my amazing followers, for your assistance once more.

    "Now hold the phone. Didn't you do this exact same thing around the same time last year?"


    Yes, and you amazing angels out there sent me a whopping $600 all together, which would have secured living at the house I was at then, but PayPal was being a right piece of garbage and wouldn't confirm my bank account. So all the donations that were sent in got declined, and everybody was refunded. (I fixed the issue, but it was a day too late. Thanks Obama.)

    I was so touched by all of the donations from you amazing people that I was literally in tears, and I wish I could have thanked you all in person. And it really, really hurts me to do this more than most of you can imagine, but I need to ask for help just one more time.

    I'm doing everything I possibly can to get another job, applying online, in person, anywhere and everywhere within mid-Michigan that can use me. Living in a small town has its ups, but the lack of local jobs is a massive downer. I've got friends and family letting me know if they hear places are hiring and please believe me I'm doing all that I can, but... It's just not looking good for me.

    So I setup a Patreon account, here.

    Even $1 or $2 a month from a fraction of you would absolutely phenomenal. Ut would give me the little bit of peace-of-mind I need and help me sleep at night. Obviously, this isn't going to go toward me being lazy, or things that I don't need. It's just so I can be absolutely sure that I can remain living where I am until I get back on my feet, find a job and secure a regular income again.

    I still have my PayPal, if you'd rather be more direct.

    I like the idea of Patreon better as it's easier on you wonderful folks, just being a small amount each month, but to each their own I suppose.

    I don't have any regular rewards for Patreon setup at the moment, but in the future, once things cool down, you can be sure I'll do my very best to repay you wonderful people. This includes getting back to writing, which I've been itching to do once again. I'm tired of seeing my stories stagnate.

    Please, help me if you can. And if you can't I understand 100% completely. I know I'm not the only person in the world having a hard time right now.

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  • 74w, 1d
    So....yeah. Things have been slow.

    Sorry I've been about as productive as a goldfish swimming in syrup. Things here at home have been pretty rough the past months. I had to quit my job at a pizza place because it was wearing my car down faster than I made money, soooooooooooo I've been "in between jobs" for a good 3 months now. And things here haven't exactly been stellar. Writing has once again had to take a backseat to making sure I don't go homeless, again.

    :duck:"But Brony2893, you can't be busy everyday with job-hunting."

    True. But writing is something I need to be in the right mood for, and dreading homelessness coupled with natural depression and loneliness don't exactly make for prime writing times. Neither does living 40 feet from a biker bar but that's beside the point -_-

    I've remade the first chapter of To Live Another Life, since it was about as friendly and welcoming a start to that story as a spiked club to the face. And about as enjoyable. So I went and remade it. It's just pending a few comb-overs from my team.

    :raritydespair:"But what about actual progression of the story!?"

    ...yeeeeaaaaah it's going to be a while. I've started the sequel to Noblesse Oblige, as well as a few side projects but they're quickly growing a thick coating of dust. Sorry guys but having a place to sleep has to come first.

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  • 81w, 4d
    Ask Me Anything

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  • 84w, 13h
    3 years of Fimfiction

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  • 95w, 3d
    Where to find me at Everfree Northwest

    The panels they got me signed up for are Rookie Writers, and Framing Friendships. I believe both are on Saturday, but I don't remember the times.

    I gotta admit, I'm nervous as all hell. I'm not a huge fan of public speaking, or being the center of attention. Even if there are other panelist I can lean on.

    :duck:"But if you don't like public speaking, then why volunteer in the first place?":duck:

    Well, I didn't actually apply to be a panelist. Somebody just approached me, asked "Hey do you wanna be on a panel?" And I said hell yes.

    I won't take up too much of your time, I have my own things to do here to prepare for this bigass trip >_>

    I hope to see a lot of you there, and would love to just chill.

    Edit: Was supposed to have something to post, but my job's been keeping me just too busy. Sorry guys, but bills come first. But actual progress has been made. I won't say for which story, but it is one I already have posted.

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  • 98w, 13h
    Curiosity reading on Youtube

    The amazing The Crystal Maiden did a reading of Curiosity and I must say it has to be one of the best readings I've heard:yay:

    Why don't you all go and give it a listen. Give the girl some nice comments while you're at it. She certainly deserves them:raritywink:

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  • 98w, 1d
    Well it's official,

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  • 99w, 1d
    Who's going to Everfree Northwest?

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  • 100w, 5d
    Let's play a game

    It's a little game called "Post your Desktop as it is in the comments below" (including mine)

    Don't worry about hiding the porn. We're all from the internet here. No shame. Don't be shy.

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  • 103w, 5d
    22 years ago on this day I was born.


    Sorry I don't have a story to post today:applejackunsure:

    I know I did that last year and the year before but work's been keeping me busy:twilightsheepish:

    In other news,

    I might/most likely will be going to EverFree Northwest for the first time ever, in addition to my regular trip to Bronycon this year. It'd be pretty sweet to go and see some people who could never make it to Bronycon, since they're just too far.

    Awesome, but being from Michigan here I'm either forced to take a 2 1/2 day train to Seattle:applejackunsure:

    Or fly there:raritydespair:

    Neither option sound particularly thrilling. But hey, gotta do it for the poni

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  • 105w, 5d
    Helping Out a Friend

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  • 106w, 4d
    Ask Me Anything Q&A thingamajig, Take Two!

    I may have posted a previous version of this before it was actually ready:twilightoops:


    Could've sworn I clicked preview:facehoof:

    But yeah!

    If y'all want to, go ahead and ask me stuff.

    Could be 1 question, could be 100.

    Could be pretty much anything, and I'll do my best to answer.

    The sky is the limit!

    I always thought that was a somewhat ironic saying. I mean, you're supposed to be telling the person "There's no limit to _____!" but the sky does, in fact, end:twistnerd:


    I'll answer them in the next however many days in a follow-up blog when I feel no more questions will be asked.

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  • 108w, 5d
    Tales From Skype, with pictures!

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  • 110w, 2d
    A (small) To Live Another Life update.

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  • 111w, 1d
    Soooo I got evicted from my home on Saturday.

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  • 112w, 1d
    Good News Everyone!

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  • 113w, 1d
    Q & A answers

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My newest story is done, and submitted.

However, I think the mods are taking the day off.

It's been 9 bloody hours and it's still awaiting approval.

So...just be patient! (Unlike me...)

Seriously, I've been refreshing the page like a madman


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SO MUCH CLAP-PONI :pinkiecrazy:

#2 · 235w, 3d ago · · ·


You ain't seen nothing yet...


#3 · 235w, 3d ago · · ·


Weird, only like 1/4 of them are there.

#4 · 235w, 3d ago · · ·


My god.... It's full of ponies.

#5 · 235w, 3d ago · · ·

>>364376 Looks like you hit the comment size limit :pinkiecrazy:

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By the way, new story is posting in exactly 25 minutes:pinkiehappy:

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i think i saw you saying somewhere that you get those from http://broni.es/misc.php?action=smilies

but how exactly are you getting them into the posts? surely you can't be pasting in the picture path of every single one of them, one by one?

#9 · 235w, 2d ago · · ·


I saved the 11 unique clapping pony images as one long string.

I manually pasted every one into a random, blank blog.

Then I saved the text in a notepad document for use later.

Every time I paste the really long image code from the document I get 11 ponies:pinkiehappy:

That makes sense, right?

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lol, that totally makes sense

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>>364752 [img]//dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Pinkie_Pie_lolface.png[/img]

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