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Plagiarising PresentPerfect (State of the Author) · 10:40pm Oct 13th, 2016

I saw a bookshelf addition pop up that made me sad the other day. And then angry, but mostly sad. (Okay, not that sad or angry, but I was suddenly motivated to plagiarize... well, you know.) So what's going on?

It's kinda' long, but it's Monty Python, (sneaky rhyme!) so deal with it. It's good for you!

A few days ago I had something like 7100 words written for the next chapter of To Love a Pony. I sat down at my computer, pulled up the file, looked at where I was, and mulled for a bit. I found little motivation. More mulling ensued. What I determined was that I just kinda' didn't like the chapter; it had what I wanted, and was going the right direction, but it was just words.

I'm doing something about that. So far I've cut 500 words out of the first half and made the flow so much better. The point is!... I'm not dead, nor is the story, and I've not forgotten you all. (Seriously, I keep using SilentSongbird's gift as impetus to sit myself down and do work.)

It'll just... be a while. :twilightblush:

Report Shachza · 692 views · Story: To Love a Pony · #tags #hashtag
Comments ( 19 )

What, did someone put your story into one of those passive-aggressive bookshelves? Those people are assholes and jerks.

I've got one of those shelves but an author really has to convince me the story is abandoned to go on the shelf.

I don't just look at how long ago the last update was. I check if the author is still responding to comments, blogging about the story, editing old chapters, or has changed the story status.

Any one of those things is enough to convince me there's still life in it.

Also, TLaP has chapters that are maybe five to ten times as long as most other stories' chapters, so some delay is expected.

Ah, the old "this is probably dead and [insults about the author redacted]" shelves? :trixieshiftleft:

Author Interviewer

what c.c

Actually writing horse words is not a good way to plagiarize me, haven't you been paying attention? :B

Glad to see you're still alive.

4254534 Absolutely!!!

There are a few on here that actually request money through a Patreon in return for their work, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that while they may be providing a service in return for cash payments and therefore HAVE and obligation to fulfill, most here ARE NOT! These are hobby writers who do what they do because they like creating worlds and sharing them, for free. Real life takes precedence over fiction, especially if it's just a freely shared hobby, so as long as the author keeps his/her audience updated and checks in with simple comments or blogs then we're all good.

I have seen some pretty fucked up comments coming from users here, if not outright demanding updates then threats or insults directed at the authors. Hell, there have been times where the reader didn't like a simple direction the story went so they threaten and berate the writer, demanding they rewrite it in their head-cannon almost like some psychotic "Misery" situation! Inexcusable.

So anyway..., AUTHOR! Work faster loser!!! As a fan of your story I'm owed an update!!


Maybe I should change the title of my bookshelf...

Best moment of my day : seeing this blog post.

Luv u Shachy :)



The title was meant to reference your periodic "state of the author" posts. It made sense in my head (and the alliteration was nice), but I failed at being clear outside of it. So fail.


A second horrible fail in the same blog! No, the bookshelf in question wasn't insulting or a passive-aggressive attack on whichever stories were added. It was simply a "This story is no more" type of bookshelf. Which I take mild umbrage to, though I can understand the sentiment.


lol :heart:




If anyone can demand things of me, it's you. /bows

Well, and Biscuit. I think I sold my soul by going to Bronycon this last year, though I can't imagine a more entertaining overlord, so at least things should be interesting.

4256117 Same thing, honestly. I've seen them all: Shit stories, Dead stories, Please update, Author sucks bawls, etc.

Author Interviewer

oh :B

That's not exactly an original concept, I'll have you know.

It was simply a "This story is no more" type of bookshelf.

That's still a bit on the passive aggressive side...

Last time I did a capitulation catharsis, a whole chapter was on the cutting floor.

Oh, and sometime I would love to see the words you have cut from the story. A director's cut version of the film.


I often post cuttings in the author's notes. though this wouldn't be like that. This time it was less cutting out whole chunks and more like slicing pieces out, trimming each one, and then rearranging them for a better fit. It would be the same chapter, just worded much less well and with minor events in a slightly different order.

Well, and Biscuit. I think I sold my soul by going to Bronycon this last year, though I can't imagine a more entertaining overlord, so at least things should be interesting.

<rubs hooves together gleefully>

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