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  • 381 weeks
    I wrote a novella!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry my stories have kinda fallen by the wayside in the wake of starting a fan-radioplay group and such. BUT I have good news All Aboard, Traveler and (Hopefully) Gia may be completed by the end of the year (Traveler is a certainty in that regard) . So stay tuned!

    In the mean time if you liked Gun With Occasional Pony I kinda sorta turned the idea into an original Novella!

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  • 454 weeks
    Ms.Button's Boarding House

    Huh, I noticed in a lot of the comments (Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment by the way) on the recent chapters of The Life and Times of Forelle, that readers have rather fallen in love with the boarding house described in that story. Well I thought you all might like this little drawing done by Mr.Grim of his interpretation of what it looks like.

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    Life and Times of Forrel Editor?

    Hola guys!

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    WHAT!? Activity from Squeak!?

    I know...I'm scared too...

    In anycase, I've uploaded a short story recently that's a one off that I had written to be turned into a storybook by my little fan production studio Ponyinabox, AND I updated the Life and Times of Forelle, so this is a productive week!

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  • 465 weeks
    Welllll I know I havent' updated anything in about a month....

    But I'm working on it!

    In the mean time (And I promise it won't be a long mean time) I have a pleasant surprise for All Aboard fans! My little production series is turning it into a fully illustrated mini-series!

    Give it a look, the art can be a bit strange to some people, but it's a very strange story and I personally love it! So please give it a chance:

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HEY WANNA WRITE SOMETHING? · 1:24am Sep 17th, 2012

While I finish up that story I started over the weekend, this is going on:


We got a lot of auditions for audio editor, and the original plan was to let the most likely candidates do a bit of editing on a short for us. But we’ve only got one in the works, and more than one interested editor. So we thought to ourselves ‘Hey, we’d hate to have someone go through all the trouble of putting this short together and then not use it because we’re going with someone else’. So, we came to a conclusion: We need some material to test these guys with. So, if you’d like to see your work turned into a Ponyinabox Mini, then follow these simple rules and submit before September 19th at Midnight wherever you happen to be:

No Doctor Whooves/Goodnight Plotlines (Sorry we handle those)
Make it Simple, Short and Slice of Life
Must Be Submitted in Script Format
Must be eight hundred words or less in other words MAKE IT SHORT
Submit it with the subject: Ponyinabox Mini Entry
We are looking for something short and sweet like our recent mini The Best. For an example of a script go here. The best of these will be acted out by our VA staff submitted to the audio auditioners and made into a small anthology of sorts which will be posted under the Box label with full credits to each writer/editor.

Good Luck! Submit to Ponyinabox@gmail.com.

Onwards and Upwards

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Gah, there's a not-insignificant part of me that really does, but I'm terrible at script writing :raritydespair:

Well, I suppose I could give it a try. It'd be good for practice too.
I'll start tomorrow, I'm a bit busy today.

*squees at chance to have something voiced out*.....*realizes he only has one day to write something*....It's on. :rainbowdetermined2:

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