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Not much to say about myself -- I'm an Irish guy whose interests include MLP, video games, and occasionally writing fanfics.

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99 Fimfic watchers · 11:34am Oct 13th, 2016

Do you have some time to spare?
Then I'll tell you, just sit right there,
Of 99 Fimfic watchers,
And all the joy that comes from there.
99 Fimfic watchers,
Such a number, such a dare
And just how did it all start?
Well sit right there, if you've time to spare...

99 DeviantArt submissions,
Cause of many nocturnal emissions,
People told me, "We want more!",
And I complied, it was no chore
Popularity grew and grew,
As I shared my fics with you,
Never guessing it would lead
To 99 Fimfic watchers

One comment from Megapone,
Sitting on the screen of my phone,
Telling me to go to Fimfic,
He needed fics to please his d**k,
Well, I guessed I had nought to lose,
So on Fimfic I made my moves,
And that's the step that soon would lead
To 99 Fimfic watchers

99 Fimfic folks,
Swapping comments, cracking jokes,
Telling me my stuff was good,
Welcoming me into their hood,
And so I stayed, made some new friends,
On a journey with no ends,
Man, who'd have guessed that this would lead
To 99 Fimfic watchers?

99 Fimfic watchers!

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Comments ( 5 )

4253935 Your d**k was pleased, I trust?

Parody of 99 Luftballoons?

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