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Fimfic's favorite painkiller, editorial writer for Equestria Daily, and a blog author for Equestria After Dark.

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  • 190 weeks
    Update: Going to Youtube

    Just letting you all know that I'm mainly switching over to YouTube and non-pony related writing. If you guys still want me to do readings of pony fanfiction, I can work that into my existing schedule. I will be going out of country to teach english in September, but I can take some recording equipment with me once that comes around and I intend to have a backlog as well of stuff to release once

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  • 300 weeks
    Water Pony Chapter 3: Diamond

    It's here. Finals are upon me. Working on these as I can. Should have this done sooner than thought if I keep working at it.

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  • 302 weeks
    Streaming some Video-Making on My Twitch

    Doing an EQD Editorial as well as one chapter of an audiobook tonight. Feel free to join and chat. I'll be streaming for a while!


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  • 306 weeks
    Longest overdue update of my life

    I kinda fell off the face of the Earth have I?

    I have a long explanation but let me simplify it. I moved out on my own, got a job, bit off more than I could chew, and ended up going to work for 10-12 hours, then college, and sleeping 2-3 hours a day for 8 months. Then I woke up one day and quit, got a college loan, and now I'm caught up on my sleep. At least I think.

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  • 330 weeks
    Water Pony Chapter 2

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Water Pony Chapter 2 · 12:05am Oct 11th, 2016

I know I've been very slow and I'm sorry about that. College + Full time graveyard job and no time to record does that to me. If anyone has any trouble with my turnover rate, please PM me. You can always check out my recording queue here.

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