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Finally saw "Zootopia" · 5:01am Oct 10th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

And it was excellent! I haven't enjoyed myself this much while watching a Disney movie for a long time. Even "Frozen" and "Wreck-It Ralph" didn't have me laughing that much for that long! Lovable characters, a great story, expertly-handled plot with mature themes presented in a tasteful, elegant way, and absolutely breathtaking visuals. "Zootopia" continues Disney's long-running streak of renewed animated triumph!

Who knows? I may even do a proper review of it on my channel! It was that good!

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

Report LightningSword · 292 views · #Zootopia
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Comments ( 13 )

I only got one negative for that movie: Its message would only be spread to those who already follow it. It does nothing to further the cause of equal rights.

Other than that, totally enjoyable film and I love Flash the most.

I loved Zootopia too. I think it handled a lot of sensitive topics very maturely. And the characters were great. :)

Ironically, I recently watched Zootopia for the first time a couple weeks ago, as I meant to watch it in the summer with my ex. Found the movie to be very charming, and would have watched it sooner had it not been for said ex

Who's ur favorite character?
Mine's the fox.:pinkiecrazy:
Flash, Flash, hundred yard dash.:rainbowdetermined2:

4249306 I was pretty partial to both Judy and Nick. I felt for them both, and they are genuinely entertaining in their own right.

Also, Gazelle is hot. And I do not regret saying that at all. :ajsmug:

srry dude im not on as much I use g+ more than this so :P

I... liked... the movie... as... well.

4249324 hehe. Did you know that Gazelle's voice is Shakira?
Also, I can't pick between Judy and Nick, now that I think about it.:applejackunsure:
Gazelle does look bullemic tho.:rainbowderp:

4249669 Yes, I knew that. Appropriate in so many ways. :twilightblush:

One thing I love about the movie is how Disney still got the personality and characteristics of a fox just right.:pinkiesmile:
Nick's character reminds me of an old Disney character from one of my favorite past-time Disney movies. It made me realized how animation was changed so much throughout the years.
RIP Brian Bedford

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