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Toot toot. All aboard the HMS Relationship! · 12:38am Oct 10th, 2016

I must confess, I never really understood shipping.

Romance, yes. Love is wonderful, cuddly lovey-dovey pairs are cute, and romantic relationship can provide perfect set-ups for drama and conflict. So, I do get romance.

But deciding that two characters, who possibly never had any meaningful interaction, who possibly don't even know each other, should definitely be an item? Sure, some characters fit well together because they have things in common (e.g. Applejack and Rainbow Dash), some character interactions can be fun and compelling (e.g. Discord and Twilight), and I get that love is a fickle thing, but... why?
Never understood that one, really, until... well, until it happened to me.

I just happened to think of two characters I really like, from two different continuities no less, whilst imagining what a crossover between their worlds might look like, when suddenly, it clicked. Just like that. The two just worked.
It was like love on first sight, only it wasn't first sight and nobody involved was looking at anyone, or even real to begin with. It just seemed crystal clear to me that those two would make a glorious, adorable, romantic pairing, nevermind the circumstances.
Those two simply seemed destined to cuddle. I'd ship them.

And now, I think, I understand why shippers ship. I still think they are crazy, though.

Have a nice day, everyone.

P.S.: In case you wanted to know, those two characters in question that I ship are Bill Cipher and Xel'lotath. I don't think I've seen that one yet.

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