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One-Shots and 'Feels' (updated) · 9:35pm Sep 17th, 2012

(Updates are in red!)

I misjudged my amount of readers. Sorry.

Anyways, I seem to be getting quite well at writing 'feels', as the internet calls them. Once Thirteen Reasons hits its' final chapter - which will be thirteen - I'll work solely on Bane.

Bane will have lots of these 'feels' in it.

After that, here's my basic schedule:

Confirmed emotional one-shots (In the order they will be released; final titles):

-Flares (Celestia)
-Marble (Discord)
-Ivory (Rarity)
-Feathers (Rainbow Dash)
-A Single Balloon (Pinkie Pie)
-Monster (Fluttershy)

Possible emotional one-shots (may need motivation)

-Nomad (Trixie)
-Scratch (DJ-PON3/Vinyl)
-Strings (Octavia)
-Halfway (Gilda)
-To Fly (Scootaloo)
-Vanilla (Sweetie Belle)
-Sprawl (Apple Bloom)
-I's With Hearts (Cadence)
-In Thy Name (Shining Armor)
-On Wings That Tremble (Spitfire/Wonderbolts)
-Heartstrings (Lyra)
-Sweets (Bon-Bon)

Completely different planned stories:

-The Final Words of Twilightbird Moonshine Sunbeam, the true ruler of Equestria (A Mary-Sue story)(May impact 'feels')
-Inbred (Hopefully comedic Macintosh shipfic)

Finally; I had an idea for a "Field Guide" of all the monsters us humans know redesigned for ponydom.
It shall be called The Complete Field Guide to Equestrian Fauna, or possibly Fluttershy's Guide to Fantastic Creatures. It'd be an illustrated story that catalogues our favourite zookeepers' escapades with various creatures. This will also include the basic ways to make an OC not look crappy identify a creature.

Anyways, I'd love to have feedback on these ideas.

Also if you read this you may submit a monster you wish to see Equestrified in the comments. No monster will be turned away! (But this story will remain solidly in the Everybody category, so no tentaclebeasts or creatures akin to them)

...I totally tagged all of my stories in this because iloveportalz0r is a very small audience.

EDIT: Okay, seriously, which ones of the uncertain one-shots would you like to see? (Not all of them will be tragic)

As a recap, they are:
-Vinyl Scratch/DJ-PON3
-Sweetie Belle
-Apple Bloom
-Shining Armor
-Spitfire & the Wonderbolts

-If anybody wants to see one of a pony I missed, please comment!

Other than that, please submit a monster to be used in Fluttershy's Guide to Fantastic Creatures. You may make up your own monster if you explain some things about it.

Thank you!

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Comments ( 33 )

I read this...

I read them too, well now that i started following you. :rainbowlaugh:

i guess i don't count then :pinkiesad2:


Okay, okay, portalz0r just commented all the time, now I need some input on the rest of the blog :rainbowlaugh:

363393 well i think that you got a pretty solid plan here, follow that and do what you feel is right and im sure everything will turn out awesome


What about the Fluttershy/Guide idea? Does it sound worth the while?


I don't have all those ponies :pinkiegasp:
(Of course, it also neutralized my 'save' button a few times, many a chapter was lost.)

well its good to see your getting good a writing "feels" and i'm looking forward to the end of Thirteen Reasons. It is also good to hear that Bane will have lots of "feels" in it. Also your idea for a "Field Guide" sounds interesting so i'm looking forward to reading that when it comes out ( The Complete Field Guide to Equestrian Fauna sound like a good name to me) so good luck with all your writing stuff. :derpytongue2:

And here is a Lyra, enjoy


One of the updates killed my save button. Might be because I'm using the Chrome+Tampermonkey version. :twilightoops:


Lyra is best pony-shaped human (The ultimate HiE story)

To everypony: Pick a monster! :pinkiecrazy:

slender man (for he is creepy)


Okay, first entry: Slendermane. Prepare yourself.

Oooh, those updates. I'm using chrome and tampermonkey and it's working fine.


Huh. Guess it's just me. I'll just stick with the basics for now :rainbowwild:


Anyways, on the topic of the original post, pick a monster!


I can't think of anything (that isn't related to mythology because we're to studying it, I can't think of any children-friendly monsters). .__.


Just name something. Slendermane's already on the list.

363400 it definitely sounds interesting I'll give you that but watch out with that one. I would make that one a comedy to keep the reader entertained while you write about how you think the fauna of equestria works and behaves. The comedy can be everything from some witty comment to some wierd story about how carrot top got chased around ponyville by walking carrots after she accidentally fertilizes them with poison joke powder and how the entire ordeal ended with the carrots burying her from the nec down in her own garden before twilight came and brought the carrots back to normal


:rainbowlaugh: That story is awesome.

But I'm planning to revolve it around Fluttershy and her misadventures, and also use it as a way to introduce new species to the fandom. Currently, Slendermane. I'll shove in some canon creatures (some recounted by the old entries of Animal Paws, may he rest in pieces) for the heck of it.

Also, all I have left to do on the Slendermane chapter is the image, so if I have enough words, the story'll be up in no time!

Well, I rather like the sound of that illustrated field guide thing. As someone who studies practical monsterology on a part-time basis, I'll probably be able to steal ideas get some inspiration and enjoyment from that.


Would you like to recommend a monster to steal get inspiration from?


But Hydra already exists :pinkiegasp:


Challenge accepted :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, I didn't know it had to be "nonexistent". .__.

Do you mean it had to not exist in Equestria (so that purple "dragon" counts as a hydra? :rainbowlaugh:)?


I'll do the hydra as well, but I'd prefer to have creatures that didn't exist in Equestria. For example; I may do the manticore later, but a kirin would come first.


Sorry, I can't think of any really. I guess if I do, I'll come back here and say so. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

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