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    Guess What Today Is!?


    (I'll also have Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Harmony out some time this week so look forward to that if you don't care about my bday.)

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    Can I have some feedback on this? Headphones recommended

    I know it's not MLP related, but I wanted to see if I mixed it well.

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    Happy Holidays Everybody! (Updates + You'll Never Guess What Just Happened!)

    Okay, first off, Happy Holidays! Hope you had/will have a great time wherever you are!

    Secondly, progress on stories are gonna be slow, not gonna lie. Gonna try to have something for the new year but no promises

    Now, on to the REALLY sh*tty stuff!

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    I'm not even gonna...
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    Status on... well, everything

    -My newest story 'I Survive to Live, I Live to Survive' is probably gonna be worked on least of all until a break or something.
    -CG:SotER's next chapter is being worked on, albeit at a slow pace.
    -And Blessed Messiah is the story I am trying to finish first at the moment on this site. Here's the description I've worked out for it:

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Update... I guess since I can't sleep · 6:37am Oct 9th, 2016

I hate being an insomniac so much. Anyone else got that problem?


Okay... Guess I'll just... move on...

Ahem, so~

I'mma be honest. My schedule is so jacked up right now, I don't even know if you could call it a schedule.

My intermission's over, and I've barely gotten any writing done on this site because of stupid homework and needy little cousins! So, basically, hold on for the next chapter of CG: SotER and for Blessed Messiah. I'mma try to have something at least before the end of this month, but can't promise anything more than that.

Till next time! This girl's gotta finish her school reading!

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Some times I do, hope your classes are going well.

I hate being an insomniac so much. Anyone else got that problem?


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