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Worst Reform Ever? (Spoilers! Duh) · 2:31am Oct 9th, 2016

Okay so, saw the finale when it came out on British TV via the internet and while 90% of the episode is pure gold, the ending...

That ending...

Is the changeling reform the worst one yet?

Yeah, it's a kids show and all that but, it completely destroys everything about the changelings that made them...well, CHANGELINGS!

We saw from the Thorax episode that changelings are pretty much born evil. Even the good changeling was like a predatory animal that got a piece of steak waved in front of it every time someone wanted to give him a hug. Instinct took over, and he got all hissy.

But it turns out that the parasitic creatures that feed on emotions for survival just need to love something in turn and they transform into deer-bug-dragons with the gayest of wings. They just decide to love something and it alters their body chemistry on a fundamental level.

Okay fine...magic and other bullshit. You can actually explain that BS away with "Magic!'.

It's stupid/lazy, but...legal.

The thing that really is impossible to explain though, is the fact that the changelings actually chose it.

Think about it. MLP has shown multiple times that the changelings like hurting ponies. They are sadistic monsters that enjoy causing mental suffering. Probably physical too, but it is a kid's show, so they can only show a bunch of changelings mentally torturing Discord. Their entire society/existence is built around it. From they moment they hatch, they are shown to be aggressive, destructive, and take joy in hurting others.

Yet when the emotional mutant that wasn't trying to murder everything the second he broke out of his egg gets a lucky shot in (not even going to dignify the fact that Chrysalis got knocked down by PURE love this time instead of just eating it and becoming god-tier powerful by acknowledging it) every single changeling turns good. It's like...all the Nazis suddenly going "Oh we love the Jewish people, and all the other inferiors now. Let's go share a hug with all of them at our death camps," seconds after Hitler dies.

So...yeah, Starlight is no longer worst reformation.

Ah well, at least without Chrissy, they have no reproduction capabilities and are doomed as a species.

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Beyond that though, I would say that the "new" changelings probably can't change anymore. They are still pretty op having wings and horns. If it changed their physiology that much, they probably can have kids now. Of course Chryssy can make her own new hive all on her own, and teach them that those are NOT changelings.

I can't help but imagine that guy from the Simpsons tree-house of horrors holding up a changeling

"Yep, there's you're problem. Someone set this thing to evil"

at least the writers didn't pull a Chrysalis reformation out of their asses so perhaps she just flipped the changeling switch back to evil at some point in the time gap?

Or... it was all staged. We assume they're all transformed into good because... they changed forms? The shape-shifting tricksters are reformed because they "look pretty now"? They're in exactly the same position they were before, except now they have the trust of all most powerful and influential ponies. All Chryssi has to do is take the shape of a neon-stag-beetle-ling and blend right back in. Wedding induced PR nightmare resolved for all ling-kind.

I feel like the ending where every single changeling chose to betray Chrysalis was rushed, but I actually didn't hate that finale as much as I thought I would. I was worried that they would do some bullshit reformation on Chrysalis and, should that have happened, I would've cut off all ties with the show and fandom. When that didn't happen I was so overjoyed that I forgot to be angry over her entire hive reforming. But yeah, Thorax's personality was nothing more than a birth defect and all other changelings are born evil so I'm not overly satisfied with this reformation bullshit. Still, not as bad as I thought it might be.

I will never accept the new form of "changeling". They have freaking butterfly tails! Plus this destroy's so much changeling theory. Now in which, if they could be all freaking lovey-Dovey transformation mode. Then why would they not use it if they're starving in their current form?

Being evil and being stupid are two different things, and well, I will forever hate this reformation.

But at least we got a shot at seeing queen cheese legs again.


Just so you know, I haven't watched it, it's just you're description is enough...also, this why I don't watch the show anymore.

It's a shame too because everything leading to the wrap-up of the finale was pretty good.
-Having the equestrian equivalent of the suicide squad be the ones to save the main six.
-The hives ever changing design.
-Changeling using mid games on discord

but then its like they ran out of time and they are like "oops time to hit the magic win button".

It would have been better if it went like this: Thorax transforms (into something less ridiculous looking) and uses his new power to destroy the throne. With the Lord of chaos and all the alicorns free and no longer magic-less they start wrecking shit, Chrisalis and her swarm are forced to retreat. Some changelings that are more like thorax stay behind inspired by Thorax's transformation and pledge their loyalty to him. Also the changelings do not transform, Thorax was soaking up love for a long time before this.

They might have needed an extra episode to pull this off, but that is why the show need stop limiting it's story arcs to such time constraints.

I hate how the show has been handling changelings this season as well... Come to think of it, I hate how it has been handling EVERYTHING as of late. MLP has really went downhill and is literally harmful to watch. Better keep the old even if sometimes mysterious version of universe, characters and species than accept this retarded nonsense with dragonlords, bug kings and other friendship junk. I am not even going to mention how crappy, cliche and stupid most interactions with Starlight have been and how OP and bad of a character she is either. And hey, guess what? She is our new lead character and a future alicorn, enjoy your MLP! >_>

Ugh, it's like they never shared friendship before in however long changelings been around. I agree with your assessment of their random reform transformation. It's hideous! They couldn't be the lost flutter ponies at least? I was glad Chrysalis smacked Starlight's hoof away and did an epic back flip down the cliff.

Fly away Chryissi! Fly away from the queerness!

The changling reformation ending (outside of Thorax) was a bit "Bwuh?" but frankly I didn't care to let that ruin it for me. Everything up to that point was quite excellent. Trixie really went a huge way up my list of characters I liked in these episodes (She was by far the most useful and heroic member of the team.... That's amazing for her!) and Discord's concern for Fluttershy was touching. I doubt we'll be forced to look at the new Changlings any more often than we saw the Crystal Empire (extremely rarely). They might even get the Breezie treatment and never show up again. Who knows.

I may have an explanation for this.

For starters, changelings are ALWAYS hungry, it is a constant painful sensation of everlasting emptiness. It matters not how much they feed, it won't make the feeling go away, at best it may briefly dull it somewhat
A chance to make that feeling go away is worth a lot.

Secondly, Chrysalis is kind of a bitch even to her own minions.
And when the evil overlord abuses their minions too much, well, eventually The Dog Bites Back as TVtropes put it.
Hell, she takes most of the harvested love for herself and leaves them with scraps, and they have to put up with it because what other options do they have?

Thirdly, it is implied that Chrysalis knew it was possible for them to end their hunger but kept it to herself in order to maintain her own power, lying to her subjects and keeping them in a constant state of misery because it would make HER more powerful.
Wanting to feed her hive is just a front, her true goal is nothing less than world domination.
If the changelings pause and think long enough to put two and two together and realize this...well...

Fourth, Thorax transforming gave the changelings a choice, previously the Queen was the only leader they had, there were no other options.
Suddenly there is another, so do they keep following the abusive bitch who would rather see them all suffer forever than relinquish even the tiniest scrap of power or take their chances with the new guy?
Mass treason ensues.

Being evil doesn't mean you like being in a state of constant pain, if anything it makes you more likely to try to shank whoever is responsible for keeping you in that state at the first opportunity.

I do agree that the new forms look silly however.

(not even going to dignify the fact that Chrysalis got knocked down by PURE love this time instead of just eating it and becoming god-tier powerful by acknowledging it)

Well that is how she was beaten the first time.

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