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Just saw "Where the Apple Lies" · 8:05pm Oct 8th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

It was stupid. I'm sorry, but it was just a 22-minute long string of cringes and facepalms. Reminiscing of a long, ridiculous snowball effect just to teach Apple Bloom not to lie, even if it's for a good reason?

And after this, I never want to hear Big Mac talk again. Not even a single "Eeyup". :facehoof:

I did catch the background stuff, though. Anyone see Derpy in eye bandages?

It wasn't "The Cart Before the Ponies" or "No Second Prances" bad, but it was still a pretty big dud. Again, Season 6 has been a huge letdown, and this episode changes nothing.

Not looking forward to "Top Bolt" at all. :pinkiesick:

On the plus side, the issue I had with my video may just be resolved. Getting back to work on it now. Thanks to everyone who offered their assistance. You've been great! :pinkiehappy:

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading.

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um well did you expect this season to be good everyone knows longer the series the worse it gets but i like your opinion im indifferent atleast they make one im happy

I found it entertaining.

It did seem like a missed opportunity to do some back story on the Apple parents, but perhaps that's not in keeping with the intended audience.


did you expect this season to be good

This is my favorite season of the show and its unfortunate the episode was so cringe inducing, especially after P.P.O.V.

4246670 but im just saying every series that go past 4 are getting worse

4246672 Not necessarily. Season 5 was legitimately good almost from start to finish. It really only has one objectively bad episode, "Tanks for the Memories".

Sorry Lightning but, Booooo!

4246677 but season 6 is getting worse

Well there is something to look forward to in the end. The finale is good :)

4246672 I don't recall ever having that experience with any show so I'll have to disagree with you on that, in fact a lot of shows I've seen actually get better with time.

4246691 well i've seen some maybe im talking about anime

4246679 :derpytongue2:

4246682 True. Part two had one stellar episode, "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks". Everything else has been either mediocre or enraging. :facehoof:

4246686 I sure as hell hope so. After what we've gotten for the last couple months, we deserve a good sendoff.

Yeah...cringing episodes. Blech.

4246693 ooh. haha, Anime is a very different story.

4246704 yea it is i guess

I personally really enjoyed the latest episode with Applejack. It was a bit cringey at times but it was a cute episode that took a short look into Applejack’s past. I would like to see more episodes like this for each member of the mane six (and other characters too).

I've actually thought that season six has been a lot better than season five. The first half of season five was good but then it really went downhill. I feel that all of season six's episodes have been very entertaining and re-watchable.

Take this challenge. Go back and watch every episode of season six. You will find that they are still fun and engaging.

Now try the same thing with season five. You will notice that you can only watch up to the half way point. And maybe a few episodes here and there after like that (the season five finale or Hearthbreakers weren't so bad). But you will notice the increase in the quality of episode in season six by far.

But to each their own, I guess. I loved the season six finale. It's probably one of my favorites so far.

Then again, I am not a big fan of season one or two. I tried watching them again and there were only a few episodes that stood out to me (and they definitely weren't the season openings or closings).

I tend to like seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6 the best, with seasons four and six probably being my favorite because they both consistently have good episodes.

Kush Coma! I am in a Kush Coma! Oh wait- saw the episode as well. I wanted to see Big Mac's leg get cut off, please tell me I'm not the only one

4246711 I disagree. Season Six hasn't been nearly as engaging as Season 5 was. Season 5 had strong episodes like "The Cutie Map", "Scare Master", "Slice of Life", "Castle Sweet Castle", "Amending Fences", "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep", "Rarity Investigates" "Brotherhooves Social", "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", and "The Mane Attraction". And the only truly terrible episode in it was "Tanks for the Memories". Whereas Season 6 has only given us four stellar episodes, "Flutter Brutter", "Gauntlet of Fire", "The Saddle Row Review" and "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks". Everything else has been either mediocre or anger-worthy.

4246719 I've personally enjoyed season six a lot more than season five, although I have liked both seasons. So to each their own. :)

Amending Fences is one of my least favorite episodes of the entire show as it feels really fake and phoned in. I can't deal with people/ ponies who feel unauthentic/ like they are putting on airs. And that whole episode felt like it was going out of its way to make me feel bad or feel sorry about something. Basically manipulating my emotions. I didn't like that. And that is why that episode ranks pretty low for me.

I also really happened to like Tanks For The Memories. :P

I tend to judge episodes on how they play out. If they feel like they are genuine and accomplish their goals/ the message they are trying to put forward, than I feel that they are a success.

4246858 You can like "Tanks for the Memories" if you want. I personally believe its a waste of an excellent premise, shows Rainbow Dash at her absolute worst, and spits in the face of everyone who ever lost someone and experienced grief. It's not real grief. It's a poorly-replicated rip-off that makes a victim out of a rotten, temperamental criminal who defies nature and lashes out at her friends. It's not just bad. It's not just hateworthy. It's insulting.

If Tank had actually died, it would have been infinitely better. But keeping Tank alive turned Rainbow Dash from a concerned friend willing to move Heaven and Hell to save a life into a spoiled brat with no patience and no morals.

And if you want to talk "emotionally manipulative"? Rainbow Dash had absolutely NO RIGHT to start crying at the end. She could have killed everyone in Ponyville with her actions, and she insists on being the victim. She's not. She was in the wrong from start to finish, and I felt no pity for her at all.

I'm sorry, but I hate that episode with a fiery passion. Without it, Season 5 would have been flawless to me.

4247065 I guess I just viewed the episode in a different way.

I have personally experienced a lot of loss in my life. Both with my entire family turning against me and taking my abusive step dad's side (leaving me with no family at all, not even my younger sister who also took his side), and having relatives who hated me dying in the process (like my Uncle Randy, Grandpa, Step Grandmother, and other family members who died thinking my mom and I were bad people).

Needless to say, I have experienced a lot of loss in my life. I've also had very close friends who have died over the years so I know what it is like to lose friends on top of everything else. And add to that my pet cat who died just a year ago who I loved like family. Experiencing my cat die on top of everything else literally almost broke me.

All that being said, I can recognize that the episode with Rainbow Dash was supposed to be a parody of The Grinch. The production staff even mentioned that in an interview. The stages of grief were put in there to have kids learn a lesson about coping with having to say goodbye to a loved one which is something that I think is a very good lesson for children to learn about.

The moral didn't feel forced because it was expertly woven into the plot of the episode.

As someone who has experienced grief many times, I can tell you from personal experience that it does make you act very desperate/ in ways you usually wouldn't because you are so upset/ not thinking clearly that you do behaviors that are against the things you would regularly do. Like you mentioned, it doesn't make it right, but that is just basic human psychology and I am glad that the show was mature enough to illustrate that people who experience grief can do reckless things they aren't proud of.

This is just my take on things, coming from my own experiences. But I realize that people are always going to have their own perspectives on things, and I very much appreciate yours.

I found it entertaining to see how AJ has grown from that point in time. It also helped to show that she wasn't always as honest as she is now, even though she has lied a couple of times. Besides the point, she learned then it was best to be as honest as possible.

And the mistakes she made over the recent years, helped to show that she still has some learning to do.

4247076 I understand your point. I really do. But one, if this was supposed to be a parody, that just makes it worse. This is a mature, sensitive topic, and it should not be the main focus of a parody, ever. And two: I don't care how desperate Dash was. She knew perfectly well what hibernation was and how long it would last, and she did what she did anyway. This was not desperation as much as a stunning, embarrassing lack of patience. This episode shows all of Dash's worst traits--selfishness, inconsideration, hardheadedness, mistreatment of her friends, and zero regard for other in the pursuit of her own narcissistic endeavors--and it solidified her place as my least favorite character in the whole show.

The writers either lack the skill or the guts to do this topic right, so they should never have tried.

4247138 I think humor is often a tool people (including myself) use to get over difficult situations.

So that is why I appreciated the use of humor to help execute the plot of the story. This also fits in well with psychology and adds a lot of layers of depth to the episode.

I don't really have any opinions on Rainbow Dash as a character. Or really any of the pony characters.

I tend to like the non-pony characters more such as Ember, Spike, Thorax, Little Strongheart, Chief Thunderhooves, Tom the Rock (yes I count him as a character), and others that have been presented throughout the seasons.

I am still waiting for that my little dragon spin-off to come out so I can drool all over it and create massive amounts of fan art that no one cares about. :P

Anyways, I am getting sidetracked.

Seeing as I really don't have any favorite pony characters, the fact that one character or another is or isn't in an episode really doesn't effect me that much.

Standing back and looking at the mane six, they are all basically the spice girls. The Spice Girls are made up of Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger, and Posh. Rainbow Dash is Sporty, Pinkie Pie is Baby, Applejack is Ginger, Rarity is Posh, Twilight is Scary, and Fluttershy is their manager. When you see the personalities/ goals of the Spice Girls and those of the mane six, it is pretty hard to ignore the similarities.

Then when you add the music element its basically The Spice Girls, with powers. Which they've arguably gotten in certain television specials and such anyway.

So while what The Spice Girl ponies do is entertaining, it isn't what draws me into the episode. It is the plot of an episode that either works for me or doesn't.

If the characters set out to accomplish a goal, they achieve what thy set out to do, or even fail with a good mortal, and the episode has a good amount of twists, turns, adventure, and intrigue, (or even just great comedy) it will hold my attention.

I felt that Tanks For The Memories accomplished all of these goals for me personally.

But I also realize that people watch the show from different perspectives so I can see where they are coming from as well.

And I think you did bring up good points about Rainbow Dash's attitude in the episode which I also felt should have had more consequences than what we were shown on screen. But I'd like to think she had to pay for them off-screen. And the episode focused on the elements that were just necessary to the overall plot/ theme.

their some eposides I dident watch so im watching them

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