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    Hooray for relapse!

    Just when I thought things were looking up, shit happened and I slit my wrist. Woohoo.

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    In a self loathing cycle

    I've got the most gut wrenching cramps and have been rehearsing for a play nonstop. I have a performance in ten minutes as we speak. Currently, I'm stressing about my online class, WWIII, basically making it out of his year alive and free. It's been almost seven months since I've last driven. I'm extremely lonely and only see my friends once a month. I'm in love with someone I can never see and I

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    Got turned down by three people

    All I wanted was a prom date. My life is already falling apart so can I at least have that? The first guy I asked said he wasn't going to prom. The second was uncertain and he's flaked out on me at the last dance. The third guy I asked seemed open to going, but then we learned there's a youth group party the same day, so yeah. Fuck my life. Pardon me while I go slit my wrist.

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    Hey, guys.

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    Hey, guys! Today my friends and I hung out and did a bunch of cool shit. We played Cards Against Humanity for the first time over some cheap cookies and pineapple juice. My lil bro joined in on the fun. Then we basically went around town and took cool pics, like this one of yours truly. Hope y'all are having a good day. :pinkiesmile:

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Silver Chord and I got into a car accident. · 3:16am Oct 8th, 2016

Thankfully, both of us are OK. He means the world to me. The sad thing was that I was really close to my house when this happened.
It happened at a two way stop. I made a complete stop, looked both ways, then advanced slowly. Suddenly, this guy comes really fast from the right! I swerved to the left to avoid him, but he made no effort to brake! He hit the front right corner of my car, and thankfully not Silver Chord. The only thing that got fucked up on my end was my nail polish, but I could care less. Both of us were safe and that's what mattered. Unfortunately, his little car got fucked up, as well as a sign, a fire hydrant, and a neighbor's yard. At least he didn't hit the pumpkins.
I was fucking hysterical, and could not stop crying. Silver was calm enough to go over to the guy and ask if he was OK. His left eye was cloudy and his speech was slow. He seemed inebriated. I thought my dad was going to kill me, but he took it really well. Silver gave me his jacket, and we stood around for a while. Since it was really close to home, my family came and took a bunch of pictures of the wreck. My mom said the guy's tires were shit.
We finally came home and my dog shit on the floor. Poop jokes ensued at the table. We had a delicious beef stew with cheese and bread. Silver and I spent the rest of the night watching a shitty movie and being glad that we were both alive and unscathed. I hope your days were wild for all the right reasons! I love you!
P.S. Check out Silver Chord. He's all around such an amazing person and a great writer. He handled things so well today.

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